Where does it stop? When will Trump cease accusing persons of wrongdoing? Conspiracies are in vogue again.

This time it’s Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough.

The charge that there may have been a conspiracy. A conspiracy to cover a murder when Joe Scarborough was a Congressman.

The year 2001. Lori Klausutis was working in Scarborough’s Washington office. She was found dead in his offices. Investigation determined her death accidental. She fell and hit her head. Scarborough was not in the office at the time.

Nineteen years later Trump decides a conspiracy exists to cover Scarborough’s ass: Scarborough might have killed the girl.

Mika says Trump is a “sicko.” I have to agree.

Trump thinks his record is great. He should run on it! Leave phony conspiracies aside. Let the people tell him how good or bad his record is with their vote. If Trump is as good as he thinks, he should not be afraid to go to the people on what he has accomplished rather than lies and misrepresentations.

Humans are not the only ones hankering for the days they could eat out in a city restaurant. Rats are having a problem. They have become aggressive in their hunt for food amid restaurant closures.

California has a ban on in-person church services. Trump announced Friday that he was lifting such bans across the country. Told the people he was reopening the churches. Considered them essential. And to let him know if they were not reopened. He would take the governors on.

A federal appellate court ruled later Friday in a lawsuit brought by a California church. The Church wanted the ban lifted. The church claimed people had a basic right to attend church.

The appellate court found the ban proper. Based its decision on the lack of any infringement or restriction involving “religious motivation.”

What now brown cow? How will Trump handle the federal court decision? A conspiracy? Judges personally against him? What?

Cocktails at 7 last night. Another enjoyable evening with Cathy in Seattle. The internet is terrific!

I did not drink. Had no alcohol. It was Diet Pepsi for me.

Two Utica friends passed away recently.

One was Michael DeSantis. I believe 93 years old.

Mike was an excellent general practitioner. He was already established when I began practicing.

I always admired Mike because he treated me with respect in my early days as a lawyer. Most people are unaware that many older lawyers dislike and disrespect young attorneys. Mike never did with me.

Mike always called me “Cousin Louis.” We were not related. However, our families had come from the same province in Italy. Mike’s mother and my grandparents were close. We were therefore “cousins!”

Rocco Giruzzi passed on also. Somewhere around 80 years old. We were social friends in our later years. Dinner with the wives, he and I would play golf together, etc.

Rock was a pharmacist. Ended up owning 2 or 3 neighborhood pharmacies. A chain bought him out about 25 years ago for a good buck. Rock retired.

He kept his hand in the pharmaceutical world, however. He had graduated from Albany Pharmacy School. He was on their Board for years. Also on a State board overseeing pharmaceutical practices.

He and some of his classmates got together in their later years. Started some kind of a drug company. Rock was traveling back and forth to Albany once a month for meetings for 3 years.

He and his friends sold the company. Each received $3 million.

A big day in rock’s hose! I was thrilled for him.

Rock was a family man. Extended to aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. That special tight Italian family relationship. He gave each a check from the $3 million. Some $5,000, some $10,000, some more. Such was Rock’s nature.

May Mike and Rock both rest in peace.

I mentioned yesterday Hertz had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. At a time when they were still sitting on $1 billion in cash. An indication how far in debt the company was if $1 billion would not help it.

Reported in the news today that former Hertz CEO Kathryn Marinello received a $9 million compensation package in 2019.

Typical in most of these Chapter 11 filings are the monies a CEO was being paid. Number of employees comes into play and how they may have been treated financially.

In March, Hertz laid off and/or furloughed 16,000 employees. Twenty five percent of its work force.

Hurricane season begins June 1.

The first recorded major hurricane occurred in 1835. Key West’s population 700-800.

The “experts” at the time blamed the hurricane on Halley’s comet. The comet caused the hurricane to have abnormally severe storms, tornadoes and gales.

Halley’s comet revisited Key West in 1909 and 1910 for 2 more hurricanes. Each another story for another time. This tale confined to the 1835 hurricane.

A reading of the damage wrought by the 1835 hurricane reminded me of Irma. Fewer people, boats and homes. Damage never the less severe.

Boats and schooners were thrown out to sea, others inland, everywhere but where they belonged.

Key West isolated at the time. The way it was in 1835. There was no telegraph. Mail took 1 month in either direction.

Folks were on their own. Their prayers and hard work is what helped them to survive. Another problem was money to rebuild, etc. No federal program at the time providing such assistance.

Local merchant Stephen Mallory described the storm as “the severest with which our coast was ever visited.”

Enjoy your Sunday and Memorial Day Weekend!




14 comments on “A SICKO IN THE WHITE HOUSE

  1. A note to remind all of your poorly informed sycophants, who so smugly tried to minimize the Covid 19 virus as “no big deal” and no worse that a normal virus which kills about 30,000 people every year in this country, that we are waiting for an apology.

    It is now already over 3 times that figure and we are not even half way through the fiscal year and just 3 months into the Covid year. At this rate we’ll be losing 30,000 people a MONTH, or more.

    … and those figures are only those we know (or care to acknowledge) about.

  2. Republicans love their conspiracy theories, don’t they. Yesterday it was Obama not born here, or the Chinese started the CaronaViris thing to cause America harm. Today it’s Joe Scarborough killed an employee. This garbage is so typical of them and will just get worse during the election. And they love them, like children love repeating dirty words. I guess real Americans are just going to have to expect this from them as how they do business, tricks, lies and cheating.

  3. Louis posted “Where does it stop? When will Trump cease accusing persons of wrongdoing?

    I know when, and I will celebrate the day.

  4. In the past few days I have noticed people becoming lax with social distancing (severely so) and proper mask wearing. We can attribute this to Trump and the poor example he is setting. I expect we will not have to wait until fall for the next outbreak of Covid-19.

  5. I went to a small local market yesterday and the sign on the door said mask and 6 foot spacing required. The people inside had various types of face coverings on but were close to each other, ignoring the sign. Can’t trust anybody.

    • More typical Republican mandated China bashing (gotta have an enemy), brought to us by that always willing to further any Trump conspiracy theory, especially if it is racially motivated and false or misleading, human bot, Sandy Feet, the shameful troll.

      • I consider it a mark of honor to be cited by you when I did not print a word today. You are really paranoid about what I say. The truth has struck a raw nerve –I Thank you for your attention..
        The Troll

        • One thing you are reliable at Sandy, is denial – thing is, you are not very good at it – and you’ve been caught at it MANY times. this is just one more time.

    • Yeah, they’ll all be dead (if we’re lucky).

      Do you know the difference between a real patriot and a fool?

      The REAL patriot is wearing a mask and the fool is not.

      A good example is the first responder, wearing a mask while caring for the infected fool who is not!

      Thanks for being an @sshole on memorial day!

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