Trump’s most recent exhibit of callousness and non caring is his failure to sign the stimulus bill. The unemployment program portion expired yesterday. Twelve million people affected. The other stimulus matters will die in the next few days or if Trump opts to veto the bill.

The government closes down monday if the bill is not signed. Certain federal civil servants will be out of work.

The man neither cares for nor understands anyone. He is blind to consequences.

Then there are Trump’s recent comments re Melania.

His former model wife has yet to appear on the cover of a fashion magazine since becoming first lady. Trump claims as a model Melania is the “greatest of all time.”

Both husband and wife appear unhappy that women of color have appeared and Melania never.

Michelle Obama was frequently featured.

Then there is Beyonce. She was Vogue’s September 2018 cover. Upset the Trump’s.

Beyonce a Haitian and woman of color. The photographer for the shoot was a young black photographer. His first time shoot for a major publication.

Trump’s recent comments made at a time when the American people are in deep financial distress and the coronavirus is the worst yet. Trump’s head was into Melania and a fashion magazine cover spot.

Melania is a beauty. Carries herself well. Standing on those virtues alone, she should have been on several covers. What Trump fails to understand is a substantial number of Americans neither like nor respect him. That is why Melania was not on Vogue nor any other fashion cover while Trump was/is in the White House.

Melania also does not have the sweetest of dispositions. Although fewer than her husband’s, Melania has made some tasteless comments not expected from a first lady.

For both, how does the saying go? Ye reap what you sow.

I pondered for comment purposes what President was worse than Trump. Turns out none! My conclusion. Many considered others.

I did a little research into the “others.” George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, James Buchanan, Ulysses Grant and Herbert Hoover. Each had been labeled by one person or another as the “worst.”

I decided no President has been worse than Trump. Most angels in comparison.

I came down on one equally as bad as Trump, however. Herbert Hoover.

Hoover’s track record leading up to the Presidency was outstanding. His White House tenure the opposite.

Hoover was recognized and respected. A famed humanitarian. He fed Belgium and northern France during their occupation in World war I. He kept food flowing to Europe even after the U.S. joined the War. He is recognized as having saved 9 million lives. Though a strong anti Bolshevik, he helped feed 18,000 Russians.

In the early 1920s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said Hoover would make a great President. Less than 10 years later when Roosevelt was running against Hoover, Roosevelt labeled Hoover as “the man who doesn’t care.”

Roosevelt considered Hoover heartless, failed to see the misery all around him, and unequal to the task of rescuing the U.S. from the Great Depression.

Hoover was callous.

An example his sending the Army to violently disperse World War I veterans camping out in Washington and demanding their bonus payments.

Hoover was paranoid.

He was always railing about conspiracy theories. He pushed the Senate to investigate Wall Street firms for intentionally driving down the stock market in an effort to hurt him politically.

Hoover was willfully blind.

He refused to believe his own experts about the scale of economic devastation.

Hoover didn’t care.

He didn’t care about the ravages of the Depression and ordinary Americans.

By 1932, everything came to a head. Hoover recognized his failings. Roosevelt was shouting them from the rooftops every day. Hoover offered some corrective policies. However, it was too little too late.

It reached the point where the “country was convinced that Hoover…..was a cold hearted man, indifferent to suffering. A man who everyday proved he cared only about himself.

Hoover lost the election. To this day some 88 years later, the country still views him as it did  back then. He was so bad that even history could not redeem him.

As it will be with Trump.

The Hoover-Trump comparison understandable. Hoover’s short comings similar to Trump’s. Birds of a feather. Two men the U.S. could have done without.

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  1. Has there ever been a GOP President that did anything that could be called “good” for the average citizen in the last 120 years?

  2. I believe that good and honest government is needed. But after seeing the unbelievable, off the wall pork that was added to that relief bill, it is no wonder that so many want to ditch the whole system.

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