Atlantic staff writer Mark Leibovich writes with tongue twisting humor. His article re the Republican Presidential primary debate this evening was published this morning. Its title: A Parade of Listless Vessels. 

The “listless vessels” are those most certainly to be watching. Trump’s MAGA followers.

Trump has already declared he will not appear. Leibovich makes reference to most of the 8 who will as “self neutered.” They who lack the brass balls to confront Trump. He labels them “impotent.”

An additional touch of Leibovich’s humor: “Would anyone watch a Mike Tyson fight if Iron Mike wasn’t actually fighting? Or The Sopranos, if Tony skipped the show for a therapy session (with Tucker Carlson)?” 

Being a political junkie, I will be watching however. The debate, not Tucker Carlson.

The Florida Keys failed a recent U.S. 1 traffic study. This was the second time U.S. 1 fell below acceptable Monroe County standards.

I read the front page Keys Citizen article several times. Quite frankly, somewhat beyond my comprehension. I found it hard to grasp. “Carrying capacity” threw me. I even Googled the term and read portions of it. 

Here is what I think. If I am wrong in any part, blame me not.

Appears to have something to do with speeds. Overall speeds have dropped below 45 mph to a new median speed of 44.7 mph. Seems pretty technical that the whole problem centers around .3 of a mph. Webster’s dictionary defines carrying capacity as the total amount that something can hold or carry. Sort of a help.

The problem caused by the .3 is that it could result in a prohibition on new commercial development. Such includes apartments and condominiums of which we need many. Private homes not prohibited.

The rating suggests the Keys are at “buildout.” At or above capacity.

A question arose in my mind. Do speed limits have anything to do with it? The U.S. 1 speed limits are ridiculous. Anywhere from 35-45-55 mph. That’s why it takes roughly 4 hours to drive Key West to Miami, a distance of 140 miles. If so, the problem is easily correctable. Adjust the speed limits upward a bit.


If anyone has a handle on the problem better than I, please comment and explain.

King George III was not always correct. He did hit it right on however when on this day in 1775 he proclaimed the American colonials were in a state of “open and avowed rebellion.”

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice carried a relevant comment to Key West’s medical care situation: “My husband and I are elderly and feel a sense of panic at what seems to be diminishing access to healthcare here. And forget about the specialists. Why is Key West denied the Baptist healthcare quality available to the other Keys? Has Baptist tried to buy out the local hospital when developing a presence in the Keys?”

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker published an excellent piece this morning: As Paradise Burned, DeSantis Fiddled With Climate-Change Education. She wrote: “While the world watched in horror as Maui burned, Florida educators were busy adopting a new climate-change curriculum that minimized teaching about the dangers of global warming and distorts scientific information.”

An amusing line in Parker’s article: “It’s clear by now that DeSantis is Trumpier than Trump. Think of him as a modern Don Quixote: He’ll teach Florida’s children to hate windmills and love fossil fuels.”

Happy Hour at The Grand yesterday with Cindy and Steve Thompson. Mussels in a red spicey sauce. With soft bread for dunking.


Enjoy your day!




  1. Nobody makes up their mind by watching debates on TV, it’s like watching golf on TV. We get to watch what FOX News want’s us to see and hear and what THEY think!

    Are we all just sheep or what?

  2. The debate, or debacle if you will, yielded no major surprises. Same old GOP, same old broken record, same old hypocrisy. Blue has my vote.

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