The Atlantic reported on 12/26 about Donald Trump Jr.’s recent speech before a group of “young conservatives.” The title: The Gospel of Donald Trump Jr.

Trump told the crowd the teachings of Jesus has “gotten us nothing.” He added “turning the cheek” was holding them back.” In effect saying, “You want to gain more control and the Bible is getting in the way.”

Young Donald’s appearance was described as “both intensely unappealing and uninteresting.”

Donald Jr. representative of another situation where the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Like father, like son.

Donald Sr.’s first wife Ivana reported several years ago that during their married life, her husband kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on the nightstand. The books title My New Order. She claimed he read from it many evenings before falling to sleep.

Trump admitted he had the book. However denied ever reading it.

The former President gives every impression of being an authoritarian fascist. It does not surprise me he may have been a Hitler fan. Probably still is.

Hitler had trouble with the Catholic and Protestant Churches in the 1930’s and during World War II.

The Night of the Long Knives found many Catholics, including priests, being killed.

Dachau was not just a concentration camp for Jews. Catholics were imprisoned there and killed. Dachau in 1940 had a prisoner population of 2,720. Ninety percent were Polish Catholics. Many priests. One thousand priests died at Dachau.

Hitler was not opposed to religion because of its basic beliefs. His concern was that an organized religion provided a foundation group already organized that could at some point seek his downfall.

Hitler’s anti-semitism had nothing to do with Hitler’s concern of Catholics and Protestants. It was a hatred from another source.

Hitler claimed, “Nazism and religion could not co-exist in the long run.”

Goebbels had an inner dislike for Catholic priests. He added that hatred to those he had for Jews.

An interesting historical fact most are unaware of. Hitler and Goebbels were both raised Catholics.

Protestants outnumbered Catholics in Germany. Forty million protestants as opposed to 20 million Catholics.

The German Protestant Church was abused. However no where to the extent the Catholic Church was. The Protestants skillfully knew how to play the game from both sides.

Modern times are no different as far as the Catholic Church and Trump are concerned. Recall for some 2 years while Trump was President, Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich were working to take down Pope Francis.

Both had offices in the Vatican. Both supporters of the U.S. Conference of Bishops which opposed Francis and continue to oppose him.

Recall also that Trump appointed Gingrich’s wife Ambassador to the Vatican.

The poison spreads Many drink the kool-aid. Trump constantly encourages openly or subtly actions not before accepted as norms. The Christmas cards this year showing family members holding AR-15s and other weapons.

The goal in every instance to destroy established values and replace them with authoritarian ones.

Wake up, my friends. It could happen. Things are 50/50 at the moment. However the ploy could move those few inches to make it work. It almost did January 6.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “A NEW NAIL IN THE CROSS

  1. Lou, I’ve been saying this ever since the conman ran for office, and what amazes me is that some people still follow hiss (snake) lead !!!!!

  2. The sobering part of Lou’s post, is that that this information has been available for over 70 years, and Trump still got elected. Catholics and Jews voted for Trump in record numbers. What is a matter with Americans? I guess they were willing to put up with all of this, so that rich people could get a tax break

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