Ducks gliding along a pond. Tranquil.

Sex lives not. At least for the female.

The male is always horny. Looking for sex. Scientists describe it as “sexual conflict-driven genital evaluation.”

The male penis is generally longer than the bird itself. Shaped like a corkscrew.

Copulation is “forced” upon the female. The act comparable to “human rape.”

The female has evolved a maze-like vagina structure that corkscrews in the opposite direction as the male’s penis. The vagina also includes several dead-end pockets which serve to lessen the chances that an encounter will lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

We live and learn. Reminds me of a story I have shared many times. Involving chickens.

I was always under the impression the rooster “cock a doodled” to waken people. Not so. The rooster is actually announcing he wants sex.

Proof in the pudding is watch chickens when you hear a rooster sounding of. The hens rapidly run in an opposite direction.

Caronavirus is returning big time. Reasons include those who refuse to be vaccinated, those who refused to wear masks, and new variants. Whatever, the virus is returning in increasing numbers.

Even to those vaccinated.

Syracuse friends were back to Key West last week visiting. I was with them a week ago saturday at the Chart Room for a drink. No one anywhere in town wearing a mask. Including me. From my perspective, the worse was over. It was back to normalcy. I had even terminated my self-imposed quarantine of 412 days.

I hugged and kissed Chris. Don and I even hugged.

Both Don and Chris had been vaccinated. Don with Pfizer.

Received a tweet from Don last night. He was recovering from coronavirus. Began with congeston and a cough.

He was not the first case to have come down with the virus in spite of having been vaccinated. I became aware this past week of several similar cases in Key West. Vaccinated and still got sick.

A scientist I am not. I do know however that I react to protect myself when danger might occur. I am back to wearing a mask. Quarantine again? Not as severe. It was torture on occasion.

Dr. Fauci said over the weekend the U.S. was headed in the “wrong direction” as coronavirus cases were spiking among the unvaccinated. I would go a step further. I believe vaccinations may not be working as we thought up to a week ago.


Dr. Fauci also said indoor wearing of masks and booster shots may be required.

Even though many in the U.S. would oppose the reinstatement of masks, forced inoculation and quarantine not well received could be on the horizon. Then what? In addition to an epidemic, violence in the streets?

The Hemingway Look-Alike Contest selected this year’s winner. Sixty three year old Zach Taylor from Alabama. A total of 136 contestants participated.

TACOS paragraphs 9 and 10.

The La Concha lobby was a favorite of mine / It was like stepping way back in time / Dark, dusty, and spider webs everywhere / It looked just like Disney’s “Tower of Terror.”

At nights kids went to the White Street Pier / To race their cars and drink some beer / The City decided to put some speed bumps in / They called them, “Sleeping Policemen.”

A doctor visit this morning. I shall be wearing a mask.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “A DUCK’S SEX LIFE

  1. We have a resurgence of Covid, because too many people (led by the president of the United States, declared it a HOAX and would not take it seriously, denying it be eradicated. So, it’s back and more ferocious.

    Will we ever learn?

  2. Lock ’em up – EVERYBODY accepted that forced confinement was not only required, but acceptable for people infected with Tuberculosis. That saved our country once. Now with Covid we have stupid people who do not seem interested i the wellfair of many for a few stupid and selfish, mostly politically mean, people.

  3. It says something about the common man, that with all the scientific evidence available, that covid preventative measures have to be mandated to protect us from ourselves.

    • Nauseating is more like it!

      This is serous business and allowing a Benghazi Jordan circus is demeaning not just to America but to mankind in general.

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