Busy yesterday. Did nothing out of the ordinary, however.

Started with a noon haircut appointment with Lori. Always a pleasure to spend time with Lori. Fifteen plus years now.

The Cuban Coffee Queen is around the corner from Blown Away. The heat/humidity too heavy to eat outside. Decided to pick up some things at Publix and feed myself at home.

Driving the Publix motivation was the fact that I had been dreaming for a couple of days of a home prepared chicken sandwich.

Bought a lemon pepper chicken.

Lunch was the desired chicken sandwich. A large soft roll. A thick slice of white chicken breast. Covered with a slice of tomato. A bit of salt and pepper. Then mayonnaise.

A dream come true!

Screwed around on the computer in the afternoon searching for a KONK column topic to do. Came up with nothing that excited me.

The Chart Room first last night. John told me Tom and Fran had been in earlier looking for me. Telephoned them. They were at Kermit’s enjoying key lime pie. Told me they would shortly join me.

Spent some time with Tom and Fran enjoying a couple of drinks. Then they were off to do sunset. Knew one of the entertainers and wanted to visit with him. The man with the cats jumping through hoops of fire.

I went across the street to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Enjoyed lamb chops again.

Joseph still on the mend. There is a new general manager. JP. We were introduced.

The Noble Group is not screwing Joseph. As I understand, there is an office job awaiting him when he returns.

Joseph has graduated from a walker to two canes. Progress slow.

Hello Jim Wenzel! Close friend of Tom Dixon. Both Buffalo bred. Jim now resides in Tampa. Tom told me he turned Jim on to the blog and he now reads it daily.

Welcome and thank you, Jim!

On the way back to my car, I passed the Chart Room. Ollie was at the bar. One of the heroes of the Zika test spraying fight. I stopped in to congratulate him. He believes Key Haven will defeat the test spraying proposal.

This week’s KONK Life column is German Persecution of Jews. It was carried this morning on E-Blast and also linked to my Key West Lou column. www.keywestlou.com.

My conscience Patrick posted a comment yesterday morning. He wanted to know why I had not commented on the $4 million/Iran/hostage situation. Simple. I only had the first blast of news. Accusatory. Did not make sense. Thought I should wait a day to see how the story played out.

Glad I delayed. Nothing wrong occurred.

Better safe than sorry. I concede I occasionally jump the gun. Rarely however. Sorry when I do.

Trump was terrific. Claimed he saw the whole thing on video. There was no video. He still kept saying he saw it on video.

Ronald Reagan was a tough guy.

On this day in 1981, he fired 11,359 air controllers. None to ever be rehired. When they struck and walked out two days earlier, he gave them 48 hours to return to work.

The union thought it was calling Reagan’s bluff. no way. He called theirs.

Reagan’s action was the beginning of the fall of union dominance in the United States.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “A DAY LIKE ALL DAYS

  1. Well, I certainly have to disagree. It was not 4 million, it was 400 million. We were lied to about it until they they got caught and now they are trying to spin it as usual, and, the liberals will believe what they say as they always do, and , have.

    Why weren’t all 5 hostages returned ? Again, more administration incompetence.

  2. It is ransom. No question. The hostages could not leave Until the plane with the cash landed. That is fact told by one of the released hostages who was held at the airport for hours. There IS video of the ransom plane. Turns out Iran filmed it for propaganda purposes, saw it this afternoon. As far as Trump goes, I have never ever seen anyone savaged by the media as he is. This country and the MSM are corrupt beyond speaking. The congenital liar in a skirt continues to lie and the media aids and abets, while distorting much of what he says. Obama lies thru his teeth about the ransom. Sick of his pompous lectures. Other Americans have been taken by Tehran since then, he’s established the price for their freedom. Can you imagine how the family of Kayla Mueller feels? The young woman raped by the ISIS leader and murdered by them? Her family wanted to ransom her but Obama said no. Can you imagine how the family of american journalist, James Foley, beheaded by Isis feels? His Mother and father have been on tv and condemned Obama for not permitting them to ransom their son. Obama would sell his soul and has for his “legacy”. Others have and will pay the price for his terrible judgment and perfidy.

  3. Speaking of corrupt government, it looks like the FDA has screwed over the keys, especially key haven.
    Friday, August 5, 2016
    FDA approves GM mosquito field trial on Key Haven
    The FDA gave approval Friday to Britain-based Oxitech for a field trial of its genetically-engineered male mosquitoes on Key Haven, according to Florida Mosquito Control District Executive Director Michael Doyle.

    The tests will be used to evaluate the effectiveness in reducing the population of aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya.

    “We need to be proactive when it comes to controlling the aedes aegypti mosquito,” Doyle said. “Our ultimate goal is a reduction of the aedes aegypti population to a point where it cannot transmit diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and zika.

    “A small project like this is designed to see if highly reducing the population is possible with this technology here in the Keys. If so,” Doyle said, “we will then look at larger areas for similar projects. The Aedes aegypti is the toughest mosquito to control and FKMCD is looking at several different technologies.”

    In March, the FDA issued a preliminary finding that concluded the trial would have no significant negative impact on human health or the environment.

    The proposed tests have drawn opposition from many residents in both Key Haven and other parts of the Lower keys.

  4. Corruption. Plain and simple. Obama paid ransom of 400 million. Laundered money and lied to all of us “idiots” about it. Lou, if it was anyone else you and the entire news media would be calling for their heads. You continue to try and fool yourself but not those of us that pay attention.

  5. I would like to see the figures on what percentage of the skeeter population consist of the Aedes Aegypti. I wonder if any trapping was done or even considered. I’ve not read or heard anything about it.
    As in favor of sterile male mosquitos as I am, some consideration needs to be looked at. No one can convince me the sprays are safe.

  6. “Trump was terrific. Claimed he saw the whole thing on video. There was no video. He still kept saying he saw it on video.”

    Trump sees and says whatever he wants to see and say. His brain is not directly wired to his brain.

    A real leader, reminds me of Munich 1923.

  7. Well, there is video. Iran filmed the transaction and would not allow the hostages to leave until the ‘ransom’ plane arrived and was unloaded.
    Trump may not have seen the monies actually being transferred, but, I believe he saw at least one of the planes and made a conclusion anyone would have made.

    This definitely seems like an impeachable offense to me. We do not negotiate or pay ransom. And to get caught lying about it and then trying to spin it is inexcusable. But, he is the chosen one so I doubt anything will come of it. Just one more example of the last 7.5 years of incompetence.

    • The right wing and left wing spout endless nonsense and “impeachable” offenses at each other.

      Your boy Trump is erratic at the very best, slanders our allies and threatens to not support long standing treaties with NATO and Japan all while his bro Putin smiles and his website is basically him on You tube saying “I’ll make the military HUGE again.” Really Donald? And how exactly will ou pay for that when your tax cut for the wealthy again adds 10 trillon to the deficit? (Not my point but the conclusion of non-partisan Tax groups who analyzed what little meat is in his tax proposal.

      He always has the “Best people” to advise him but his recently released list of economic advisers are all Wall Street insiders and Hedge fund managers. They are going to bring real change to our economy and grossly disproportionate income disparity which is the root cause of much of our social issues today.

      His supporters are xenophobes and assault anyone who disagrees with their position against entire classes of human beings. It is eerily similar to the speeches given by another big mouth in Munich in 1923. That did not end well.

      I agree Hillary is an insider part of the Bush/Clinton dynasty. More of the same old same old. But to me she is by far the lesser of the two evils vote than Trump who is unstable, personally vindictive, and has no clearly defined plans for anything but cutting federal revenue even more when we have a MASSIVE debt bill to pay now. It is like having maxed out your credit cards and then quitting your extra jobs because somehow you can still pay down the debt and spend to make everyone happy. A fantasy.

  8. In my opinion President Ronald Reagan was a hypocrite. His attempt to project the gold standard of conservatism after decades of enjoying the liberalism of Hollywood was laughable. His unfettered attack on labor unions in his presidential years followed his leadership of the Screen Actor’s Guild, again typical of the old fools ability to flip.
    Regarding PATCO, the overtime that was forced on them was putting the public at risk. While it is true federal employees are barred from striking this was a public safety issue and a prudent leader wouldn’t have taken it personal. Reference this link for more on this issue, https://historyrat.wordpress.com/2012/10/14/reagan-and-the-patco-strike-broken-promises/
    The two main undeniable contributions of the labor movement are the safer workplace and better quality of life. All of America benefited from the sacrifices made by the labor movement. Ronald Reagan did his best to remove that progress.

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