I am a creature of habit.

An example are Sundays. They always start the same. Lie in bed all morning and watch the TV talk shows. Meet the Press and the like. I am a political freak at heart.

By the time I was out of bed yesterday, it was after 12 noon. I headed out to Harpoon Harrys for Sunday fare. An omelet. Made with cream cheese. A first. Delicious.

Also bought the New York Times while I was there. Rarely do I buy a newspaper. Harpoon Harrys had none for free yesterday morning. I think the earlier customers took the free ones home!

Cost me $6! Expensive!

But pure pleasure. I sat at Harpoon Harrys about 2 hours browsing through the paper.

My house guests have finally locked into Key West time. Donna and Terri have been here a week. They came in like a tornado. That New York speed thing. They are finally moving at a reduced speed. A crawl. Second day in a row I have noticed it.

They do not want to go anywhere. Both are content to sit outside next to the water by day and by night. I tend to leave them alone. But when together, we are having some interesting conversations.

Donna has high blood pressure. Just diagnosed. She is under the care of a Key West doctor while here for it. Neither have the time to doctor in New York. Both are concerned about Donna’s high blood pressure. Worry not, I told them! I have been afflicted for 40 years. The doctor will get you on the right pill and you will be ok. However, some life alterations are in order. Less drinking. Cut out smoking. Stop getting hyped. Etc. Listen to me preach! Nothing worse than a reformed drinker and smoker!

Watched Mad Men last night. A terrific show! Just like things were in the 1960s. Love it! Those were the years when I was starting my law practice.

The Gulf oil spill is bothering me again. Beware of BP and the federal government with their recent comments that the surface oil is dissipating and less atention to the problem will be required. No one is presently talking about those two large plumes under water. My recollection is that one was 25 miles long by 10 miles wide.

The problem is no one knows where these plumes have gone. They will reappear. Perhaps to cause havoc.

Mark my words. An additional bad something will develop as a result of the oil spill and these plumes. BP will say…..Gee whiz…..not really our problem…..things were better…..must be something else that caused them…..even the federal government said things were better back when.

It never fails! I have seen it occur too many times before in my life work. Remember, I was an enviromental attorney.

Took my monthly Boniva pill before starting today’s blog. I have osteoporosis. My doctor has had me on this woman ‘s pill for 3 years. Plus two calcium tablets daily.

It is a familly problem. Hereditary.

In the lat 4 years, I have lost 2 inches in height. For real! And I am slouching more. My Aunt Mary who recently passed on at 101 shrunk quite a bit. Got down to under 5 feet. My 96 year old Dad has lost inches and is significantly bent over.

Hope the monthly pill works! If it doesn’t, I have a good idea how I am going to look in a few years.

Enjoy your day!

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