I am still in Utica. This is my last day. I return to Key West tomorrow.

I spent yesterday with my father. I did not know we had so much to talk about. We are chatting non stop.

We lunched at Cavallo’s. A big local bar that serves cheaply priced food.

I used to lunch there often when I was practising law. It was interesting yesterday. Nothing had changed in the four years since I had last been there. The same people were coming in and out for lunch. All moving at the same pace as yesteryear. Some fast, some slow.

My father is from the old school. Obviously. At 96, what else!

I make mention of this fact since he has dinner at 5. Precisely. Early for me. Timely for him. We had just finishedf lunch at 2. And there I was at 5 downing a steak and potatoes.

I watched Lebron James last night at 9. The show was a bore.

I anticipated he would go to Miami. Why not! The opportunity to play with two other great players. The possibility, no probability, of a basketball dynasty and several championship rings.

Now lets see if he was correct. Some times the best layed plans of mice and men do go astray.

My Key West shoe girl friend Stephanie Kaple had an interesting comment on Facebook this morning. How can she get mad at Lebron James she asked. She left Ohio for Florida also!

I am having breakfast with my father at 9 this morning. More food! They are going to charge me for two seats on my return flights!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. don't you think when you are in New York state you should contact ALL your good friends?????????????


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