Yesterday… of the best days of my life!

Two big events!

A great round of golf. First in many years.

Then my 75th birthday party with Lisa and the family.

I have never hit the ball better than yesterday! Pared 3 par 4s. Birdied one par 3. I am lucky to get one par every 3 months!

Unfortunately, I coupled those great holes with four 9s, one 8 and one 7. Consistency is next on the agenda.

I hit the ball straighter and longer than in some time. My putting was outstanding. Dropped every one I should. Deadly from 5 feet.

I played with Kurt, Don and Larry. All superior golfers.

Kurt shot 81, Larry 87 and Don 91. Don had a bad day. I shot 103. Not bad for me. I am usually around 115-125. If I can avoid those 9s, I will finally break 100.

Kurt and I tied as big money winners. $22 each! Winners buy afterwards. Drinks cost us $19.50 each. So I netted all of $2.50. I did not care! Joy was in my heart! I was excited!

Tuesday I will be 75 years old. Wow! Since I will not be in Key West then, Lisa decided to celebrate my birthday last night.

We had a terrific meal. And a special chocolate cake was baked for me. Robert and Ally helped with the white frosting.

I walked into the house before dinner and the grandkids were all over me shouting Happy Birthday Poppa! They helped me blow out the candles. No, not 75. Twelve. Ally always insists on removing the candles afterwards. She licks the frosting off the bottom of them.

I ate too much. Includinjg two large pieces of cake. Two pounds extra on the scale this morning!

In between golf and the birthday dinner, I went to Borders. Continued reading Kitty Kelley’s Oprah. Started falling asleep again as the time before. I could not understand. I was not tired when I arrived at the book store.

I put Oprah down. Selected another book. Read it with no problem for a half hour. Then returned to Oprah. Same problem. I was soon very tired. Eyes narrowing. Getting heavier and heavier.

I have decided it is the book. Sounds strange. I am a big reader. Read everything. Have never had this experience before. I think Oprah is written in such a fashion to put its readers to sleep. Or maybe it is just plain boring. It befuddles me.

I am done with the book. I do not plan on returning to it. No pleasure in reading it.

I blame not Oprah. She had nothing to do with the book. It has to be Kelley’s style in writing the book. Whatever. It is no fun fun to read and will not be completed by me.

Today is a sorrowful day for Key West. Julie and Jim Nevius are leaving Key West for their home in New Orleans. A great couple. Jules was my bocce partner for 4 years. They will be missed.

I wish them well in New Orleans. They plan on buying a bar. Don’s Place type. We will all have place to visit in New Orleans!

Enjoy your day!

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