Still in Fort Lauderdale!

My 24 hour flu bug turned out to be 36 hours. Fortunately it is gone and I survived!

I was starving last night. So I went to Billy’s Restaurant in Hollywood. For my favorite meal! Stone crabs!

Jumbo ones! With cole slaw and hash brown

What can I say! An absolutelty spectacular meal! Shades of Miami Joe’s!

I have noticed there is a difference in the tourists here as opposed to Key West. The Fort Lauderdale tourist is a step above our boat people, but not as affluent as our overnight tourists. So it would appear Key West is attracting a more upscale clientle.

I know some of my restaurant owner friends might not agree with me. But that is how I see it. And it leads me to the conclusion that perhaps the Spottwoods and Swift are correct!

One more day and I return to Key West!

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