I am up very early. Like around 4:30 in the morning. I have to catch an early plane north. Visiting my 95 year old father and taking care of some business. I will return Thursday. The trip is a quickie.

Last night was fun!

Marty was back! Always a joy!

We met at the Chart Room. Chatted with Captain Peter and Che and Michael the bartender.

I suggested dinner at the bar at the new Brazilian restaurant. We had a drink. Rather, I had a drink. Marty did not like the bar menu and left almost immediately for La Trattoria. I stayed to finish my drink.

In came Brain and Amy. I had met them a month ago at Hot Tin Roof. It was Brian’s 35th birthday last night. They were celebrating.

Amy works at the Conch House on Truman. She told me again they have the best home made banana bread for breakfast. And invited me again to stop in for some!

Chris and Rebecca were also sitting at the bar. They are visiting from St. Augustine. Said they come here often. Chris is an archeologist and Rebecca works for Estee Lauder.

I mentioned to Chris that my son in law was an archeologist at Mel Fisher Museum. I did not mention his name. Chris said…Corey Malcom. He knew of him. He did not know him. However, he made the point that he intended to meet him this week. And then he proceeded to tell me how big Corey was in their field.

I was impressed. I should not have been. I knew.

Corey is well respected in his area of expertise. He is a guest lecturer all over the country and is featured on the History Channel every 3-4 months.

I finally got away and hurried to La Trattoria.

Marty was just being served. So much for waiting for me!

He was seated next to a lovely young lady. Turns out it was my friend Lee Ann. The last time I had seen her was about 2 months ago when my daughter Lori was visiting. And at La Trattoria at that time, also!

So I sat on the other side of Lee Ann. And had a wonderful evening conversing with her!

Enough for now. I have to move fast. My next blog will be from upstate New York.

I hope my flights are all on time!

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