A real quiet day yesterday!

I am hooked on the Sotomayor confirmation hearings.

I am impressed witht the Judge. Very!

Her responses to inquiring questions, if they may be called such, are thought out and to the point. Her knowledge of the law impressive. She is not and has not been a loose cannon while on the bench. She believes in the rule of law and seems to have always applied it, regardless of the result.

And that is the way it is supposed to be!

When I practiced law, I never liked appearing before a Judge who was a loose cannon. Clients were entrusting me with their cases because I was supposedly knowledgable and good. That meant I knew the law and generally could predict the result even before I walked into the court room.

That preassumed the Judge knew the law also and would follow it. Not always the case. If the Judge deviated fromt the law for whatever reason, my client and I were in trouble. If the Judge was by the book, as with Sotomayor, then we were OK.

Senator Lindsay nailed Judge Sotomayor with some negative comments made about her by attorneys who had appeared before her. He had apparently obtained the information off a web site. Made Sotomayor sound like a tyrant on the bench!

Last night one of the political talk shows said that Lindsay’s information came from an internet site evaluating judges by having attorneys write in. Sotomayor had no problem the past several years. However, since her nomination by Obama, the site had been flooded with negative comments about her.

American politics at play!

I had dinner with Lisa and the family last night.

Perogis! I have not had them in years. They were terrific!

Robert enjoyed them as I did. Ally not. She refused to eat them. That left more for Robert and me!

Afterwards Robert, Ally and I played cards. They won! I lost! They have become very good at this game called 8s! And, of course, they delight it beating me!

Other than dinner at Lisa’s, I never went out last night. Did not have a drink, either.

What a good boy was I!

I am up early this morning. the black of night is now turning gray. Key West mornings are great! Sort of seductive the way the sun sneaks up on you!

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