Good mornig!

I slept late!

It is after 8!

Another beautiful Key West day!

Most mornings I am up while it is still dark. As I write the blog, the day begins. Not today. The day is up in all its glory!

Obama is on television. He is speaking from Italy. He better return home! The wolves are nipping at his heels and the vultures are swooping! The next few months are going to require Obama the Politician. Energy and health care are two vital issues important to this country. It is going to require all of his talents to get these programs passed.

I watch Obama and I wonder why any one would want to be President. I have also had this thought with previous Presidents. So many issues. So many problems. How does any one handle all of them?

Obama’s plate is full! It is spilling over!

Pleasant lunch yesterday. Sean and I went to Hogfish. Great place! A Florida keys place! Thatched roof! Open air! Shrimp boats in the background!

What a place for lunch! What a life!

Last night Sean was at the Chart Room. With his mother Mary who is visiting. A nice lady! We did a round table with Marty, Captain Peter and several others.

Marty took me out for my birthday last night. I wanted to go to Kelley’s. I heard they had a Thursday night Maine lobster special for $19.95. And so we went.

What a great meal! 1 1/4 pound lobster, salt potatoes, corn on the cob.

I have not had Maine lobster in 3 years. I like it so much better than Florida lobster. Florida lobster tends to be tougher and lacking in taste. It has to be dressed up when cooked. Whereas Maine lobster merely boiled/steamed is tender and sweet.

Lovely Erica and Chris bartending. Bob having a drink at the bar.

Kelley’s is a pleasant Key West atmosphere.

Ironically I woke in the middle of the night. Had trouble going back to sleep. Flipped on the TV. There was Kelley Mc Gillis of Top Gun fame!

Kelley was a top movie star in the ’80s and 90’s. She still does an occasional film.

Fred Tillman presntly owns Kelley’s Restaurant. Fred and Kelley Mc Gillis were married during Kelley’s big time star film days. They lived in Key West! Opened Kelley’s Rerstaurant. Bought another restaurant. Then they divorced. Fred got the restaurants. Kelley moved to Pennsylvannia.

While they both lived here, they were both a part of the community. I recall attending many functions and parties with them.

Another part of interesting Key West lore!

Enjoy your day!

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