Raining last night when I went out on the town.

Needed to wear my slicker.

First stop was the Chart Room. Just me, the bartender and a tourist. The rain must have kept every one else away.

The tourist once lived here in Key West. He now hails from Cortland, NY. Cortland is the home of the Cortland Glass Works!

Cortland is about 100 miles to the south west of Utica. I drove there about 40 years ago to attend a lawyers’ conference. It was at that time I got to visit the Cortland Glass Works.

What an experience! Truly interesting! I had never seen glass blown before. It takes talent!

If you ever have the opportunity to see glass blowing, do it! You will be impressed! The experience will stay with you forever!

Then I did something I have not done in over a year. I went to Sloppy Joe’s!

I generally avoid the toursit end of Key West. I don’t know what motivated me last night, but off I went. And I am glad I did!

I had a great time! The singers were raunchy! Knock the hell out of politicians! The crowd happy! Raising hell!

I ordered Sloppy Fries. French fries covered with ground beef, mozzerella and red sauce. A wow! And costs all of $7.50!

A good night! A different night!

It is going to be another great Key West day today! Probably heavy humidity wise. I can feel it already as I sit here looking out the window at the ocean and the lone palm tree. The breeze is blowing the hot air in through the open window.

Enjoy your day!

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