What a difference a day makes!

My diverticulitis problem appears behind me. However, the doctor had me on two heavy antibiotics for 10 days. Yesterday was day 8.

The antibiotics were beginning to take their toll. Seemed to be screwing up my life in every which way.

Yesterday I thought I was going to collapse on the golf course! So tired! So beat up!

I literally crawled to my car after finishing and hurried home to bed. No lunch. Just sleep.

When I awoke I telephoned my doctor. She said OK to stop the pills. It appeared they had done their job and were now adversely affecting me.

I stopped! Needed no encouragement!

Slept like a baby last night! First time in over a week! And feel great this morning! Like a new man!

Golf was obviously lousy. I could hardly swing the club on the back 9. It was stupid of me to continue playing, but I can be hard headed. I bulled my way through the round.

I felt better by dinner time. I stopped at Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt. Then to La Trattoria for a light dinner and some great conversation with friend Robert Spottswood.

The Iranian protests are dominating the news. Interesting! Who knows what will develop from the unrest.

It brings back to mind the Hungarian Revolution.

It was October 1956. Russia had occupied and dominated Hungary after World War II. One day a delegation of students went to a government building to protest something. They were shot upon by the Russian soldiers.

In short time, there was fighting on the streets. Guns, tanks, molotov cocktails and the like. The revolution lasted all of 2 1/2 weeks. Then the Russian Army crushed it! Might over right!

Many were killed. Two hundred thousand had to flee the country. Feared for their lives!

One of those who fled was Kolos.

Kolos was a native born Hungarian. A student at the time of the revolution.

He had become a student at Manhattan College when I met him. It was 1957 and January of my senior year at Manhattan.

Many of the students who fled were immedialy accepted into the United States as refugees. And sent off to college right away, to boot!

Kolos and about 15 of his friends were sent to Manhattan College.Three months after their revolution, they were students here in the United States.

They all spoke perfect English. We should be ashamed! How many of us speak Hungarian or any foreign language. The language factor made it easy for them to be absorbed into our college life.

Kolos and I became friends and talked frequently. I was curious how the revolution came to be, his part in it, etc.

Kolos said his people were always unhappy about foreign domination of his country. First, Hitler. Then, Stalin. But they quietly accepted it as a people.

His primary interests just before the revolution were girls, drinking and school in that order. Normal!

Then the student delegation got shot on. He and a bunch of friends left the bar they drinking in and drove to the scene. A bit of chaos was beginning. People were throwing things.

He and his buddies went and got tomatos and eggs. They returned to the scene and threw them at the soldiers. The soldiers shot back. Kolos and his friends took off!

However over the next few days, the tomatos and eggs were replaced by guns. Koslo and his friends were actively engaging the Russian Army. Things were OK till the Russians brought in the tanks. Then the insurgents were lost! Kolos and his friends were no match for the tanks.

What had started out as a lark, with no intent to cause a shooting revolution, turned into an all out war!

Kolos and his friends had to get out of Hungary. College students were being shot on sight.

He fled. So did 200,000 others.

And 3 months later we were sitting together in New York City having a beer and talking about his experiences!

Kolos’ Hungarian Revolution failed. Years later another quieter one succeeeded.

May the present Iranian foment bring a quicker result.

Enjoy your day!

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