I feel better. I think!

I ate yesterday. Poached eggs. No problem.

Last night I decided to get out. Opted for the movies. Have not been in a long time.

Decided on Tom Hanks’ new film Angels and Demons. Good! Action packed! Fast moving!

A bit insulting to the Catholic Church. But then, what isn’t these days! I thought it brought forth the human nature of the Church. The Church seeks to do God’s will, God’s way. However, it is humans who seek to carry out God’s perceived directions. Men are fallible, not infallible as God might be. So they err. And as a result the Catholic Church has occasionally screwed up big time over the years!

I know and understand that of which I speak. I am a product of a Catholic education. Grammar school, high school and college. I also had the unpleasant responsibility of counseling someone who claimed to have been improperly approached by a priest.

Putting all that aside, again I recommend the movie! Good viewing! Exciting!

Angels and Demons has already had its run at the local big multi theater. Key West has a second movie house. The Tropic Cinema.

The Tropic is a relatively small facility. Has 3 tiny movie rooms. It is located on the side of the La Concha Hotel. Steps off Duval in the heart of the party area.

The Tropic Cinmea was conceived by several local Key Westers. They wanted a small theater that would show the better movies. Not always necessarily the popular ones. There are many films that are not big money makers, but classics nevertheless.

A fund drive of major proportions ensued. It was successful!! Considerable money was raised!

One of the major contributors, if not the major one, was Jean Carper. She donated $200,000 in her mother Nancy’s name. The largest of the 3 movie rooms is named after Nancy Carper.

Jean and I are friends. I have known her since buying my home in Key West.

Jean makes a living by writing books. Books having to do with foods and which ones to eat for better health. She has had several best sellers and made a fortune! She also writes a weekly column which is in the Parade insert of many newspapers.

She has a brother who lives in Saquoit, NY, a suburb of Utica. A small world!

I bought one of Nancy’s books once. It was a home remedy thing. Certain foods to cure certain illnesses, aches and pains.

One day I had a hell of a head cold. Nose running all the time. Could not stop sneezing. So I looked up head cold in Jean’s book. It said eat a clove of garlic every 2 hours.

My wife kept garlic bulbs in the house for cooking. I took one, seperated a clove from it and placed the clove in my mouth. Ughhh!

Try chewing a large chunk of garlic!

Chew I did however and got the garlic clove down. Within minutes, my nose was dry and I stopped sneezing! For real!

I kept eating a clove of garlic every 2 hours through out the day and into the evening. When my wife returned, she immediately told me the place stunk of garlic! Yes, I admitted. It was me. I chopped down the cherry tree! I explained the Jean inspired remedy, how it had worked, etc. She was not impressed. The odor/smell was apparently overwhelming.

We slept in separate bedrooms that night!

After the movie finished, I had to relieve myself. So I sought out the men’s room of the Tropic Cinema.

As I was standing over the urinal doing my thing, I noticed a small plaque on the wall at eye level before me. It read: This station for your relief provided by Roger Westerlund.

There was another urinal next to me. It had a similar plaque. I was curious whose donation paid for that one. So my head and eyes turned right. There was a guy using the urinal. Our eyes met. He was not taking nicely to my looking over as he was pissing. I could see pervert in his eyes! My head snapped back immediately!

Roger is a transplanted doctor from I don’t know where living in Key West. He is married to the lovely and charming Mary Ann. They have lived here for years. Were already here when I bought my home in Key West some 10 years ago. They are very generous and giving to the community. As evidenced by Roger’s contribution paid for plaque over the urinal!

I have been having a problem with my printer for several months. Could not figure it out. Son in law Corey was over during the day and I mentioned it to him. He took a look at it.

The printer was not hooked into the computer! What an idiot I am!

The days here in Key West have been magnificent! Sun all day! Increasing humidity each day! We are into the hurricane season as of June 1. Hope the year is an easy one hurricane wise! We have through November 30 to worry. And worry we do!

Today is Sunday! Enjoy your Sunday! Lay back! Read the Sunday papers! Whatever! As long as you do what you want and it makes you feel good!

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