Ho, ho, ho! Yogi bear!

We won the golf tournament yesterday!

My team shot a minus 8! Big!

To the victors, go the spoils. $348 a piece! Wow!

$150 each for coming in first. I bought back 10 per cent of my team that had been auctioned off the night before in the morning. Cost me $12. Returned $151. Then we each got $17 for something else. And finally David’s girl friend Karen gave each of us $20. Karen had bought our team the night before for $125. We bought back 40 per cent of it before teeing off. So she had $72 invested in us. By our winning, she won! Almost $800!

Did I have fun? You bet! Did my team have fun? No question!

I played with 3 great guys. Two I had never met before tee time.

Our A player was Nate. All week I have been asking Don who this Nate is that he stuck me with. Now I know! One hell of a golfer!

Nate is the bartender at Bagatelle, a Duval Street restaurant. Prior to bartending, he took a shot at golf as a career. He has a couple of amateur titles of some significance. He also played in the Nationwide Tour. He told me everyone on the Nationwide tour has a handicap of between 1.4 and 1.8. Another wow! I can’t get below 35.0!

What a long ball hitter! The longest I have ever played with. We were basically putting for a bird on every hole. His drives were spectacular. On one par 4, he drove 10 feet over the green!

So it was a drive, pitch and putt on most holes.

And Nate is a nice guy! First class!

Then there was Angus. I had never met Angus either. He is a bartender at Schooner’s Wharf. Another terrific guy. And he could hit the ball long, also!

Finally, David! My friend for many years. Best friend to Don. We had never played golf together before. He had a new driver. It worked well. He hit some long ones.

In spite of Nate’s unique ability, it was a team effort. There were times when he called the wind wrong and his ball never came back from over the houses. Even Tiger Woods screws up on occasion! We played ham and egg golf. We were each there to help at a certain time. It was perfect scramble golf!

I want to play with these same 3 guys next year in Don’s tournament!

It did rain. Three times. Each time started as a light drizzle. Then turned into a heavy drizzle. Lasted a whole hole each time. We got wet. Then the sun came out and a hole later we were dry.

A hot day yesterday, in between the brief showers. Sweaty. My face got burned. A small sacrifice to pay for such a great day!

The party afterwards at Don’s Place was fun also! Good food and good company! Tenderloins, baked potatoes and all the trimmings.

I cannot say it enough. Don is a great host and a great business man. He does good things! One was the golf tournamnet yesterday.

On the way home, I stopped at Lisa’s. Robert is sick sick with whatever Ally had. I will be baby sitting Robert today. Ally is all better and heading back to school. I asked Robert what he wanted for lunch today. He said macaroni and cheese. Must be the All American kids’ dish!

Have a good day! If you need me, you know where to find me!

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  1. Lou, What a great day you all had yesterday. Looks like I won’t get to play on your team next year hey. Well I better just come down and cheer you on.

  2. Lou, What a great day you all had yesterday. Looks like I won’t get to play on your team next year hey. Well I better just come down and cheer you on.

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