Good morning world!

Rained all night! Poured! Gray this morning. But, oh so comfortable. A cool breeze!

Some nut has been telephoning me a couple of times in the middle of the night the past 2 days. Like 2 in the morning! The phone rings and no one is there!

I am tired from it! Once awake, it is difficult for me to get back to sleep. My head is heavy this morning. I feel like I was up all night partying! When actually I was in bed asleep by 10 last night!

Babysitting Ally was only till noon yesterday. Then son in law Corey took over. Poor Ally still has a temperature. Lisa took her to the doctor’s later in the afternoon. He said what he said last week. A virus, the flu. Gives her no medication. Says it will pass.

Lisa telephoned this morning. Robert now has it. Could be I will be doing double duty next week.

Next I will have it!

Dinner at the bar at La Trattoria last night. Every one was there. I had a good time!

Then I stopped in at La Te Da for a quick drink. Debra and Michael entertaining. I had not heard them for a while. Good people! Great entertainers!

The next stop was home and bed. But a good night’s sleep was not mine to be for the reason set forth earlier. Some nut is aggravating me!

Don Manaher is one of the smartest business men I have met here in Key West. He is owner of Don’s Place on Truman. A bar. Not a very elegant one! To even use the word elegant in the same sentence as Don’s Place is to insult the establishment!

Don is having a golf tournament tomorrow. A scramble. Eight teams of 4. I am playing.

Tonight there is a pre tournamnet party at Don’s Place. I will be going after dinner. Dinner is at Lisa’s. We are celebrating Robert’s 5th birthday!

Don’s party will put everyone in proper condition to play tomorrow. They will all be hung over! Tee off is at noon. Then followed by a steak cook out at Don’s Place.

Should be a fun event!

I am going back to bed. I need more sleep!

Enjoy your day!

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