I never got to play golf yesterday. Lisa called. Ally still had a fever. So I baby sat again!

Ally was better than the day before. Though still running a low grade temperature. No long spans of sleeping for her. She kept me going! Ran me into the ground! From 9 to 4!

I was tired when I left. Like I had played 36 holes of golf! Which I never do!

Fun, though! Ally talked non stop. One topic after another.

Two items were big on our agenda.

I had taught her the day before to be able to tell her left foot from her right. Helped in getting the correct shoe on the correct foot. Prior to yesterday, Ally generally walked around with her toes turned out.

Yesterday we worked on telling time. Harder than the shoe bit!

She knew her numbers, 1-12. We worked on the big hand and little hand. The second hand kept screwing her up. I wish I could have ripped it out of the big wall clock!

We came close to understanding time telling, but not quite. Needs a bit more work.

Chess was the other big education item!

I do not know how to play chess. Tried once when I was in law school. Never returned to the game. It was too hard for me!

Ally, at 4, knows how to play chess. Thanks to Montessori pre school!

She set up the board. She identified each piece by name. Told me their names. Explained the moves to me. And we played. Actually, she did! I tried!

I hope Ally is better today and goes to school. Two days of baby sitting is enough. I am tired! Need a Louis day.

I have a 9:30 appointment with my doctor. I did blood work last week. Time to find out if 2 months of reduced drinking and increased spinach eating has corrected my triglyciride and iron problems.

In spite of being tired when I left Ally late yeaterday afternoon, it did not keep me in last night!

My first stop was Aqua. Bobby Nesbitt time! A good crowd.

I ran into Michael Fatica at the bar.

Michael and I have been friends for 2 years. We are on the same bocci team! We have suffered through this season together!

Michael used to own the Red Pepper Company. Not its exact name. He owned a spice company thats featured product was a red pepper spice. He used to drive around town in a car the shape of a large red pepper! Cool!

He lucked out and sold out a few years ago. Good for Michael!

Now boredom has overcome him. Something I understand. So he is in the process of opening a new business. The Key West Island Salt company. The specialty of the house will be bath salts.

Michael spent time in his kitchen and over the period of a year came up with a great smelling bath salt. He put together the salts, perfumes and whatever else. He had a sample jar with him last night. Oh, what a great smell! Made me want to take a bath! Something I have not done in 30 plus years! I am a shower guy!

And the presentation of his product is catching and beautiful! A simple transparent glass jar. With a dainty label identifying the Key West Island Salt Company.

The bath salts will be sold in all the best Key West venues. Watch for it and buy it! I have a sense Michael has another winner! From hot red pepper to cool white bath salt! Only in Key West!

Marty is back in town! We met for dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. A good conversation.

Fred Tillman was there with his wife for dinner. Fred owns Kelly’s. The best wings in town!

I was home to bed early.

Lisa just telephoned. Ally still has a fever. So no school for her today. I am babby sitting again! After my 9:30 doctor’s appointment!

Will I be able to draw unemployment after my baby sitting duties are no longer required?

Talk with you tomorrow!

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