Good morning world!

I slept late! Good!

The sun is up. Another beautiful day in the making.

The swine flu is all over the news. Could be big time serious! The government seems to be on top of it. There apparently are 50 million shots available here in the United States. Not enough for all of us. So the manufacturers better get busy turning out more! Like yesterday!

There have been two previous flu epedemics of consequence. One in 1918 and the other in the mid 1970s.

The 1918 one was disastrous! Millions died world wide!

My grandfather Louis was a young married man and father of seven at the time. He and my grandmother Albina were immigrants from Italy. My grandfather got the flu. A death knell in the making!

My grandmother prayed. To two saints. Saints Cosmo and Damien. Both were doctors in Italy sometime in the historical past. They apparently suffered for their religion. And died!

Cosmo and Damien may have been born in whatever provinces my grandparents originated from. Not only my grandparents, but also many other Italian immigrants living in Utica at the time. There was much reverence for these two saints. In fact, an annual festival was held each year. Bands, parades, food and the like in honor of these two saints.

On the final day of the festival, a several mile procession was held. Statues of the two saints were carried on the shoulders of the young men. Long lines of men and women marched single file behind the saints carrying candles and singing religious songs. The candles were especially huge. Two or three feet in length and 2-3 inches wide.

My grandmother was afraid my grandfather would die from the flu. She prayed to Saints Cosmo and Damien and promised that if he survived, she would walk in the procession in their honor every year. Barfefoot!

Grandfather made it! And grandmother marched every year in her bare feet carrying a huge candle in honor of the saints who she believed saved my grandfather’s life!

Not easy on her feet! Sore and a bit bloody! But she hung in there and did it for many a year!

And so did I!

I recall as a young boy, walking beside her in the procession and carrying a smaller candle.

I loved my grandparents. They were the best! My grandmother was a special person. She did what she thought was right and proper to save my grandfather and ultimately the family. She prayed! And then did not forget! This was no battlefield foxhole conversion for her. She met her obligation each year thereafter by making the walk described honoring the two saints.

Sunday, Sunday! Love Sundays! A do nothing day!

I bought a bunch of Sunday papers and went to Martin’s for brunch. Sat in the back outside and read and picked. Even had a Bloody Mary! First one in years! Went well with the eggs benedict weinerschnitzel! Only in America!

Last night I had dinner with Lisa and the family. Love the grandkids! Robert and Ally wanted to play cards. Card playing is the in thing right now!

We played crazy 8s. Turned out to be a long game. Ally beat Robert and I decisively! I should have had a camera at the moment of her victory to record the proud look on her beaming face!

Grandchildren are good! I wish every one grandchildren!

Have a good day!

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