It is a lovely morning here in Key West! Sun bright! Water blue! Just enough breeze!

Lisa called me to come over to lunch yesterday. While there the grandkids wanted to play cards with me. Crazy 8s! I think I have finally learned the game.

I played each of them separately. Figured I could win at least one game. Good luck! First, Ally whipped me! Then, Robert! And I was trying!

Robert did a victory dance afterwards. He was stomping on my beaten bones!

Last night I was out early. Around 6.

Stopped first at the Chart Room. The hsitory of the place is compelling! You can feel it every time you are there.

Initially the bartender and I were the only locals. Only tourists at the bar.

The conversation by the tourists centered itself on the recent news reports that the City Commission was seriously considering a clothing optional beach. The tourists were all for it.

Apparently there are many communities in Florida that have clothing optional beaches. It must be remembered that the only industry in Key West is tourism. Many of our visitors come from Europe where such activity is commonplace and permitted without a second thought.

The Commission is considering Higgs Beach for the location. Located behind the West Martello Fort, it is a perfect palce.

A couple of guests houses maintain clothing optional pool areas. For guests only, however.

For many years Atlantic Shores was the clothing optional place in Key West. Part of a motel complex, the nudity was in the back on the ocean. The area was a gold mine! Packed every day! Outsiders were permitted. So if history is any measure, there is a market for such a beach!

Atlantic Shores got torn down a couple of years ago and replaced by a modern upscale hotel complex. With no clothing optional facitility!

Catain Peter and Marty showed up. We decided to eat at the Wine Galley.

Larry Smith was playing. Other locals were there.

We had a light dinner at the bar.

Mary Deasy talked to me for a while. I have not seen her in several weeks. Mary is in Facebook. I joined about 3 weeks ago. Mary and I have become “friends” on Facebook.

I joined to get more exposure with this blog. It worked! I have already increased my reading public by more than 1,000 hits a day! Amazing!

I only had one drink last night. A good boy am I! However it hit me! I was feeling good! So I stopped after one and went home. I was in bed by 9:30. It seems I am getting to bed earlier and earlier. I am beginning to wonder if it is part of the aging process!

Today is Sunday. I enjoy Sundays. I look upon Sundays as a time to nuture my body and soul. You do likewise, also!

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