March Madness!

It’s upon us!

Love it!

I wanted to watch the games last night with other basketball nuts. And have something to eat at the same time. I decided upon Jack Flats on Duval.

The first game was at 6. I got there at 6. No room at the bar! No room anywhere! Jack Flats has a huge bar and huge screens. The whole world knew it and got there early. Except for me!

So I hopped in my car and drove up to Hogfish on Stock Island. Got a seat in front of a small screen TV. Something is better than nothing, however. I watched the first game and had a hogfish sandwich. The only trouble was they had a wild hillbilly band in and the backgrounnd noise was atrocious. Plus, I seemed to be the only one interested in the game!

Between games I hurried home to the peace and comfort of my bedroom and bed. And started watching the second game from there! The only problem is I fell asleep almost immediately and missed the North Carolina/Villanova game!

Michigan State was outstanding in the first game beating Connecticut. Michigan State is on a run! They seem to be peaking at a perfect time! I was especially impressed with their defense. It kept Connecticut on its heels the whole game!

I had to look on the internet this morning to see that North Carolina destroyed Villanova. Too bad! I thought Villanova might go all the way.

Monday night’s championship game is going to be wild! I assume North Carolina will be favored. They do have the best team at this stage. However, you never know. If the Michigan State tide keeps swelling, it just could overwhelm North Carolina.

It is Sunday! Not sure yet what I will do. Definitely will see the grandkids. They now play cards. Crazy 8s. I do not know how to play the game. Robert and Ally are going to teach me. Exciting!

Have a good day!

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