A nice day yesterday. Quiet and healthy.

I had not been to the beach for awhile. The sun was shinning. So why not!

I threw a sand chair and beach towel in the trunk and away I went!

I opted for the federal beach. Thought there might be fewer college kids since you have to pay to get in. I was wrong. Not bad though.

I walked out to the gulf side by the rocks. Generally, a locals spot. Sits right next to the channel. You can watch the boats go in and out all day. Big cruise ships all the way down to small sail boats. A pretty sight!

The college visitors were mostly at the other end. Well behaved. They sleep all day on the beach to compensate for staying up all night in town.

I stayed a couple of hours. The sun felt good on my body. I tried the water. Still too cold for me.

Afterwards, I took a ride to Hogfish for lunch. Love the place! Very laid back. Thatched roof, open sides, sort of run down. Actually looks desperate. Shrimp boats and fishing boats all around tied up at docks.

Old Key West!

But not really. Just looks like it. Hogfish is actually not in Key West. It is on the next island up. Stock Island. And it is located on one of the most beat up streets in the area. Run down dilapidated trailers, a garbage dump of sorts and fishing businesses.

There is a sign on the road side nearby Hogfish that states: Welcome to Downtown Stock Island!

Everyone loves Hogfish! The food is good. Huge portions and cheap. Sort of clean. A locals paradise!

Last night I did Louis’ Duval crawl!

I started at the Chart Room. Only Che there. Had one drink and left.

Then a brief stop at the Keys Piano Bar. A briefer one at La Te Da. I was not much in a chatting mood.

Ended up at La Trattoria at the bar for dinner. Watched a basketball game while eating. Love this March madness!

Then home to bed and more basketball!

A good day! A quiet day!

Tonight I babysit. Only the fourth time. My daughter Lisa is desperate. She could not find a babysitter. So I am the man!

Love it! Look forward to it!

I have already planned the evening. Popcorn, hot chocolate, movies and me!

The only problem is who will fall asleep first. Me or the grandkids?

And that is what Lisa worries about!

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