Trump won Iowa big yesterday. As expected, with 51 percent of the vote. His victory clearly reflects the stranglehold Trump has on Republican voters. DeSantis was a distant second with 21 percent. Haley third with 19 percent.

Trump’s victory, in Iowa at least, eliminated any doubt Republicans would stand by their man when it came time to vote regardless of all the “negatives” he exhibits.

An entrance poll finding: Two thirds of voters continue to believe Biden was illegally elected in 2020.

New Hampshire next.

Trump’s Iowa landslide reveals something many elsewhere may not be aware of. Iowa’s Republican Party is controlled, more than in most states, by evangelical voters. In the last 8 years, they have grown even more fanatical in their love for Trump. Trump a thrice married adulterer who bragged about committing sexual assault.

Iowa’s evangelicals are not morally upright people who mean all that talk about chastity, charity and Christian values. They are more interested in right wing politics than feeding the poor and healing the sick.

Trump supporter Larry Kudlow re Trump’s victory: The Iowa caucuses will launch one of the greatest comebacks in American history. I don’t buy it.

Key West continues to enjoy great weather. Yesterday, 78 degrees. Beaches continued to be packed.

Some parts of the South are finally being hit with the North’s freezing cold. Especially Texas and Tennessee.

Key West will continue to be ok. It’s 2 am and I am working. The temperature is 75 degrees. The high today will be 78 again. Cold expected tomorrow however. High expected to be 69, the low 67. Thursday and friday will find a return to the high 70’s.

I had a heart doctor visit with April at 12:30 yesterday. Decided on a quick lunch following. I had some research I was anxious to get to in the afternoon. Decided to grab a Subway sandwich and take it home. The day was important in Subway advertising recently. They were coming out with some new sandwiches on the 15th.

I walked in. Lots of people. Got in line and looked up at the new items. Confusing at first. Could not believe what my eyes were seeing. The first two large subs $15 and $17. That did it! I immediately left. No way was I going to spend that much for a Subway. America’s great cheap sandwich was no more.

Subway was sold a couple of months ago for millions. Guess someone has to pay for it. Not me!

The Subway prices affected me. No longer was I in the mood for a quick cheap sandwich. I drove to Pepe’s and treated myself to a tasty luncheon. Did not mind spending the extra money. I wanted quality and was willing to pay for it.

Today’s podcast 6 years old. A change of subject one: Marital Infidelity. 



Food for thought. On this day in 1919, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution establishing Prohibition was ratified by the requisite number of states. What a tragedy! Look at the crime, economic upheaval and everything adverse that it gave birth to. “Good minded citizens” brought havoc to the Nation. Somewhat similar to book banning in public schools today.

Considered by many to be the first modern novel and one of the greatest novels of all time, “Don Quixote” was published this day in 1605. Miguel de Cervantes, the Man of La Mancha, excites even today. I saw it in musical form three times on Broadway years ago. Loved the story and music! A thrill to watch each time. The music plays in my head as I write this piece.

Here are the photos I promised a few days ago of Fran and Tom Dixon taken on their Antarctica trip. The seal, bird, penguins, iceberg and Dixons themselves all look good!



Women are taking over the legal profession. Twenty years from now, they will control all aspects of the profession. 

Data recently released by the National Association for Law Placement indicated women make up a majority of law firm associates for the first time.

Miss America 2024 crowned. Miss Colorado. More importantly, a first in that she is an active duty U.S. Air Force officer. A second lieutenant pilot.

Don’t forget my grandson Robert Malcom and his writing for The best of FSU sports, especially football which is Robert’s continuing specialty even in the off season.

Busy night ahead. The Grand and Syracuse v. Pittsburg. My body can’t take both. It may be the game. I don’t like drinking and driving home later in the evening.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “TRUMP WINS IOWA BIG

  1. I agree with you comp;letely Lou about women voting for Trump. Evangelicals or not, they are women FIRST, and no exchise should be given them.

    Women everywhere (including Iowa) are quit vocal about rape and how it’s all MEN’s fault.

    Yesterday, Trump, a convicted rapist, won the popular vote in Iowa to run as their Republican Candidate for PRESIDENT of the United States.

    He could NOT have done this with out the WOMANS VOTE.

    It is going to be VERY hard to take the WOMEN of Iowa SERIOUSLY, in any issue, especially RAPE, in the future.

  2. Hey Lou, under the previous administration food and gas was much less expensive. You voted for the current group of politicians which brought us inflation along with $15 -$20 minimum wage… that’s why your Subway sub is so much more!! Like me, accept it and enjoy the more expensive sandwich. You can’t take you money with you! Be sure to leave the subway staff at least a $5 tip!!!

    • Nonsense an all accounts, with the exception of food gouging like what we’ve seen from Roak Capitol, the conglomerate who bought Subway and is best known for funding Trump causes.

      This guy inewe is nothing but a troll, who has real issues with the truth.

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