No blog yesterday. Sorry.

As you are aware, I am developing a new website, putting together a You Tube show, etc. Big time work. Detailed. Confusion occurs. Yesterday morning when I went to do this blog…..nothing. It was not me. It was Google and Granddaddy. Problem lasted till almost 5. It was too late for the blog by then.

Some of you are having problems in finding me. Others not. Hang in there. We are getting there. Hopefully in another week everything will be in order and no more mishaps.

One comment is consistent. Everyone likes the new website page. Those that can find it.

You Tube under construction. It should be up and running by the end of next week also.

Later this morning my Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Worldwide. Join me. Always interesting and informative. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Topics will include the Chinese activist looking for a place to go, Muslims burning churches in Ethiopia, the Roger Clemens trial, Oklahoma running out of execution drug, Kentucky courts budget slashed/courts to close down, manhole covers being stolen in NYC, college student unknowingly kept in jail 5 days without food or water, and more.

Wednesday night I decided to celebrate and try out my new implants. It was a prime rib dinner at Outback. I chewed and chewed and chewed. I am happy to report everything went well. One and a half years later, I am normal again. I can eat like every one else.

Bocce last night. We only won 1 of 3 games. All games close. But we did not have enough to get over the finish line in two of them. Plus, it was a money game. We are not doing well in the money game category this season.

With Albertsons closed, Publix is going crazy in an attempt to garner Albertsons business. Store hours start one hour earlier and close one hour later. A new quick check out counter has been opened.  And the huge Publix electrified sign outside which has not worked in years is under repair.

Finally for the funny of funnies. I have been so busy all week with the website change over and preparing for You Tube, I never prepared today’s Internet show. I forgot.  Remembered when I got home after bocce last night. I was up till 2 this morning doing it.

Enjoy your day!

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