A Comcast problem again. Can’t get power to my modem.

I telephoned Comcast this morning. Ran through all the tasks I was asked perform. Take this out, hook that up, wait a minute, etc. Finally, I was told no power. They would have to send a repair man to my home.

Today is thursday. I telephoned at 8 am. I was also told no repair man available in my area till monday at 8.
Comcast! Do not know why I stay with them.

I have devised a back up system, however. Necessity is the mother of invention.That is how I am able to blog now.

Not much happened yesterday. Only two things. In between I worked on friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time. Worldwide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

An excellent show! Topics like the American girl deported as an illegal alien by the U.S. government, a handcuffed man who stole a police car, the suspected murderer of a young lady in Aruba 5 years ago pleads guilty to another murder in Peru, Zimbabwe banning the sale of second hand underwear, an exploration of friday the 13th, Greece and pedophilia, another U.S. Supreme Court decision screwing the American public, and more.

It was manicure time. Tammy. What a beautiful woman! With an equally beautiful personality to match!

Last night, Syracuse basketball! Syracuse demolished Villanova. Wowie!

I was tired and watched the game from my bed instead of the Sports Page Bar.

Just as the game started, I received a text from Don of Don and Chris. They are from the Syracuse area and visit Key West several times a year. Where are you? Game starting!

I had forgotten last night was their first in town and we had planned to watch the game together. Texted back my apologies.

At half time, Don wrote that he and Chris were the only Syracuse fans there. I was not surprised. I always watch at the Sports Page Bar. The 15-20 other fans are splitting their time this season between the Sports Page Bar and Jack Flatts. Turns out I am the only loyal Sports Page Bar customer, except when I stay home.

Hope to see Don and Chris this evening.

I have my bocce banquet tonight at Don’s Place. 6:30. Everything will be over by 8. Then I will be off to the Chart Room.

Sandra, do you have a Facebook name? If so, please provide it.

Enjoy your day!

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