Show time this morning!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour at 10 AM my time. Worldwide.

In addition to topics previously mentioned, I will be discussing the recent study which indicates Ohio Medicaid cancer patients are surviving at a rate 50% less than those with insurance, Washington State about to approve same sex marriage, Pat Robertson’s claim that God told him who the next President will be, and Venezuela President Chavez’s warning to other Latin American presidents to beware of the United States –the US may be responsible for several Latin American presidents recently being diagnosed with cancer.

I boxed yesterday. Me alone. No Courtney. I got tired. But enjoyed it!

Afterwards I headed over to Lisa’s. The grandchildren are home this week. Decided to do lunch again with Robert and Ally. We went to Mattheessen’s. Then to OfficeMax. I needed some paper. I told the kids I would buy them something. They looked around. There really is nothing for children at OfficeMax. Ally found some stick on stars. There was nothing for Robert. I promised him another shopping day.

Bocce last night! Playoff game! We played off!

Our entire team sucked. No one showed any talent or ability. We were the decisively beaten in two games.

Such is life!

I have a woman in the house! For a whole week. Donna is here. Half of my lesbain wives combination. She came in after I was asleep so I didn’t see here last night .
Enjoy your day!

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