It is Sunday morning. I slept late. Felt good.

I had a business meeting yesterday at 12:30. It took about an hour. Afterwards, I drove over to Lisa’s. No one was home. I sat around a while waiting for them to return. Read the Key West Citizen. They did not return. I went home.

Spent the afternoon watching various college basketball games. Love basketball!

My evening was pre-determined. Syracuse basketball!

The game was scheduled to begin at 6:30. I stopped at the Chart Room first. Sitting  at the end of the bar was Captain Peter. A good man. I enjoyed a drink with the Captain. JJ was bartending.

Capain Peter lives on a boat. A small sailboat. It is moored about 2 miles out in the ocean on the gulf side.  To get to his boat and back to shore, he has a dinghy. A small rubber craft with a motor.

The waves are a bit choppy this time of the year. The waves slap over the dinghy as Peter is traversing those 2 miles. Peter puts on his rain gear before he starts the trip.

His other problem is that when he is going back to his sailboat, it is dark. There are no lights out on the ocean. He has to estimate where the sailboat is. Sometimes he misses it and gets a touch of panic. He tells me that the return trip to Key West is easy. Even if it is dark. The lights of Key West guide him in..

Met an interesting couple at the bar. Dan and Helen. They are locals. I never met them before. They work together in a fish distribution business.

I hustled over to the Sports Page Bar just in time for the game.

Kristin bartending. Love her! Some day we may do a movie and dinner together. Patrick the owner was there. He came over to say hello. A nice guy.

Steve showed up! Steve is a Syracuse graduate who spent a lot of time last season watching Syracuse basketball with me at the Sports Page Bar. I ran into him at lunch he other day at Hogfish. Invited him to join me for Syracuse basketball again this year. I was pleased to see him last night. It is always nice to have some one to talk with as the game progresses.

Steve has a boat. We talked about taking a trip together to a Caribbean island. All of a sudden all my friends who have boats want me to take boat trips to exotic places.

I intend to do it. I just do not know when.

Ran into a hell of a couple from Chicago at the Sports Page Bar. They were just there to have a drink. They ended up watching a bit of the Syracuse game with me. They are Steve and Katie.

Steve is a CPA. I told him that the most important person in my practice/business was my CPA. I had the same one from 1974. I did not make a move without him. Bill Hatfield from Oneida, New York. The best of the best personally and professionally.

Katie works for Discovery Channel.

They have been married 1 1/2 years. Steve has visited Key West four times. This is Katie’s first trip. Unfortunately, they leaving tomorrow I think however a relationship was established. I am sure they are reading this blog this morning.  I hope to see them again when they return. They are the type who will return to Key West.

Almost forgot. Syracuse won by 16 points. 88-72.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. One drink. Chatted with Kurt who was bartending. Don’s annual Christmas party is tonight at the bar at eight. Unfortunately, I will not be able make it. Two of my lady friends are taking me to the annual Christmas concert at St. Paul’s Church. The concert is a big deal. Going with the ladies is big deal. It will be the Cat Lady and Jenna, with me sitting in between.

I have one more story to tell about World War II. I am going to leave it to tomorrow morning. This blog is already too late and too long. Tomorrow morning, I am going to speak briefly about the G.I. bill. It was a boon to returning veterans and also a compelling factor in the development of the middle class. The middle class that no longer exists in this country.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. A moored boat at night without the anchor light being on ? I've almost run into several because the lights weren't on. The things people do.. Patrick

  2. 1) GET AWAY ON A BOAT ASAP. Seriously. There is nothing better than a trip on a boat.

    2) 80 – 72 16 point win? I'm a numbers guy, goo thing that you didn't do anything without consulting your accountant first.

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