Yesterday a good day. A mixed bag.

My activities started with Tammy. A manicure. A charming young lady. For whatever reason, I dozed off as she was doing my nails.

Visited with Lisa for a while. We discussed thursday’s menu. It will be the four of them and me. It will be fun!

Then to Publix. Needed only a couple of things. Everyone else was shopping for Thanksgiving. Carts overflowing. Me, I was pushing about six items around. I felt like the lone car on a freeway with trucks zipping by.

I spent the afternoon writing. One of the things I wrote was this friday’s column for Konk Life. It had to do with a recent California case where American students were prohibited from showing or wearing on their tee shirts the American flag. Yet, Mexican students could show and wear their Mexican flag. Involved was a Mexican holiday. The two sides had been feuding as in West Side Story.

The court said it was ok to violate the American students’ right to free speech. The prohibition was to avoid a disruption/fight. Constitutional protections give way in such a situation.

I thought the decision stunk. The court was wrong. America for Americans first! That is how I think. Protect the Mexicans, but not to the detriment of America’s citizens.

 It was a good legal blog.

I had to email it over to Jenna. Required cutting and pasting. I screwed up! Lost the blog! It is somewhere in that place where our writings sometime go and cannot be retrieved. Frustrating.

I had neither time nor inclination to do it over. Told Jenna to report to the powers to be to repeat one of my older blogs or not carry the column this week.

It was late afternoon and Lisa showed up with the kids. Robert and Ally were all excited. They had just come from purchasing a turkey. It was too big for Lisa’s refrigerator. She came to leave it in my  refrigerator in the garage.

This morning at Montessori the students will be performing for Thanksgiving. Guests will watch from a blanket. After the show, goodies will be passed around to eat.

Robert and Ally explained their parts in the show. Then performed for me.

Robert is doing some sort of speech/recitation regarding Thanksgiving. Ally will be standing next to him as he does. Ally will be repeating her brother’s presentation word for word. In sign language! Both Robert and Ally are proficient in sign language. Learned at Montessori.

Cat woman and I hooked up again last night. I may soon start referring to myself as Batman.

We started with a drink at Louie’s Backyard. Always pleasant.  It was dark. Candle light on the table. A bit of a breeze. The sound of the waves.

Louie’s is a Key West wonder!

Dinner was outside at Salute’s. Good, also.

Frankie the Plumber was there with his wife. Frankie and I hugged. He is the star of our bocce team! I am proud to call him team mate.

Saw Jean Carper, also. Jean has made zillions of dollars writing books on what to eat and stay healthy. She has a world wide following.

I have not run into Jean in quite a while. It was good to see her again. She never changes. Always beautiful.

I recall about 15 years ago, I was in Utica and had the head cold of head colds. Sneezing, runny nose, red nose. Felt lousy all over. Pills were not helping.

I had one of Jean’s books some where. I found it. Looked up head cold with my symptoms. It said to eat two cloves of garlic every two hours. I tried it. Within minutes of eating the first two, I was symptom free. I could breath. Stopped sneezing. Felt normal.

Two hours later, I could feel the garlic assistance wearing off. I chewed two more cloves. So it went every two hours.

I was alone all day while I was treating myself in such fashion. When the rest of the family came home around dinner time, they all wanted to know what the smell was. They thought the house smelled of garlic. They were almost correct. Better stated, me and the house smelled of garlic.

The house was permeated. I reeked so badly that my then wife would not sleep with me that night.

But….Jean’s prescription/recommendationn worked. The funny part of all this is that he who ingests garlic cannot smell it. The odor bothered me not at all!

Enjoy your day!

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