Much to talk about today. A lot happened yesterday

Irene. She may have gone, but she left a mess! Even in upstate New York.

My hometown Utica got wet. The street I lived on had many flooded cellars. The street next to my former home was closed. It is at the base of a hill. About a mile up, there is a small creek. It sometimes overflows and runs deep down the street/hill. The New York Thruway was closed from Amsterdam to Syracuse. About a 100 mile stretch. Utica sits in the middle of the closed portion.

The same story all over the northeast. I cannot believe that Vermont got flooded so badly. And poor New Jersey. Wow!

Clean up time! Hopefully everyone will pull togegther. I am referring to those like Eric Cantor in Washington who insists on cuts in other areas of spending for any monies expended in helping those hurt by Irene. When we engage in some sort of half assed war or send relief to a third world country devastated by a hurricane or what have you, no such position is taken. We spend the money and worry not.

It does not make sense to me. For strangers, we do it without question. For our own, we have to make sure there is debt relief. And my dear friends, remember that the money being spent comes from OUR tax dollars.

I want you to know I had this blog finished at 7:30 this morning. I hit the wrong key/screwed up when I went to publish it. Lost 2/3rds of the blog. Ergo, could not redo till now. Had to visit the dentist first. What follows is the redo at about 11 am.

Walked yesterday. Home Depot. What a good boy am I!

I just lost several paragraphs again. If it happens once more, this is today’s blog!

I worked about three hours on Friday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Another great show in the making! Not because I am brilliant. Rather it is the subject matter. The world is full of crazy people. They do startling things. Some of which make interesting topics for discussion. Like Michele Backman and her Godly reports on the earthquake and Irene, Glenn Beck’s recent Almighty incarnations, a town in Italy into self help and considering secession, the jury result in the penis amputation case, frustration if you are flying out of a certain Paris airport, condom use during Irene, and the Chinese mortgage bubble.

Then it was to the heart doctor. Spent two hours there. not waiting. Being attended to.

My blood pressure continues to be off the wall. I also had an obvious water retention problem. My ankles were swollen.

Doctor said increase pill dosage and take a water pill. Increased the dosage. Too soon to tell re the blood pressure. Takes several days. Took the diuretic at 3:30 this morning. By 7:30, I had lost seven pounds.

Spent the balance of the afternoon at Lisa’s. The grandkids had just gotten home from school. Ally came in and made some kind of sign to her mother with one hand. It was the love sign. Ally started learning sign language yesterday at Montessori.

I was scheduled to attend a charity fund raising party at Vino’s last night. Passed on it. Good health took precedence. Went to bed early.

Terri White! Broadway star! My friend! Your friend!

Terri is presently in the previews of Follies on Broadway. The show formally opens September 12th.

Terri is not one to sit idly by. Her show has been closed a couple of days because of Irene. In that time, Terri is serving as the talk host on the Broadway segment of Serius. Channel 72. Yesterday and today. Nine am to three pm.

The news was all over Facebook yesterday. Jean telephoned me with the news, also. I missed Terri yesterday. Listened to Sirius this morning returning from the dentist. I must have listened in at the wrong rtime. No Terri. Just continuous music.

Donna also called yesterday to tell me to listen in to Terri.

Be sure to listen!

I had the good fortune to meet Howard Livingston 14 years ago. We became good friends. This was before his singing success. He merely was CEO of a large manufacturing facility in Chicago that made parts for railroad diesel engines.

Howard would take me boating. He always had 1-3 boats. He had a constant companion, also. Ester Mae. A Portugese water dog. Ester Mae loved the water. Was in it constantly.

When Howard and I went out on the boat, Ester Mae was always with us.

I used to sit in the front of the boat facing in the direction we were traveling. Always fearful of getting sick. I sucked up the wind big time.

Animals and I were not the best of friends. Still are not.

Ester Mae would be soaking wet by the time we got on the boat. She would always come forward and sit right next to me. She sat up and faced out in the same direction as I did. With her body close against my bare leg.

All the time!

I was not particularly thrilled. But apparently Ester Mae was. She never left me alone. Eventually, I became accustomed to Ester Mae and we developed some sort of friendship.

Ester Mae was part of Howard’s family.

Ester Mae passed on yesterday. Howard, I am so sorry! I know your pain must be deep. I have a vision that when St. Peter and your parents greet you at the pearly gates, Ester Mae will be jumping around to greet you also.

Enjoy your day folks!

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  1. Remember Lou, hypertension can be a silent killer. One morning you wake up and find you can't pee. That's because your delicate kidney tissues have been damaged by long standing poorly or untreated hypertension. That goes for your heart too. The heart does't like pumping against a lot of resistance or pressure. It starts to wear out too fast and begins to fail. So… the important thing to do is monitor and manage hypertension agressively. Get a good home blood pressure device and follow your cardiologist advise. Signed, One of Your Fans.

  2. If you're typing your blog post directly into blogger, then install a plug in called "Lazarus". After install, you type away and it "remembers" your post (most of the time and up to a point). If the computer or connection "barfs" (technical term for computer Alzheimer's), you click on the "Egyptian looking symbol" and it gives you a choice for the last few blocks of text your typed. And, you pick up approximately where you left off.

    If you're typing your post into something else, mention it and there's probably a solution for that as well. For example, most word processors have a settable auto-save backup time. I set mine to 90 seconds.

    That might help to lower, if not your BP, then your frustration level.

    from the very soggy Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee now with power.

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