Another lovely Key West morning!

I am surprised. Last night the wind from the north was coming in at a swift pace. There was more wave size than normal. The MTV house across the way has a boat tied to the dock. It was moving up and down and rolling back and forth.

The wind has abated. Everything is calm outside.

After my stress test activity yesterday, I did nothing. Upon returning home, I immediately went to bed. My only activity was watching TV. I see the doctor this afternoon to review the pictures and receive instructions as to what to do.

This problem is of my own making. I fell again. Actually, I did not fall. I slipped into it over time. I take responsibility. I was not influenced by others. I am my own person.

I am lunching at noon with the same group I had lunch with last friday. About ten local business and public figures that get together weekly to discuss current events both nationally and locally. I enjoyed my first time last week and am sure this week will be equally enjoyabe.

Speaking of current events, we have become a dysfunctional society. Washington is an absolute disgrace. Something I need not tell you. The nuts are trying to take over.

Strikes a bit of fear into me.

I see the heart doctor at 3:30. I hope the problem is only blood pressure.

Cameron returns from Mongolia this morning. Robert from his week long trip tomorrow. It will be nice to have everyone back. I look forward to the stories to be told.

Enjoy your day!

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