Yesterday turned out to be totally screwed up!

My cell phone went kaput Saturday afternoon. I think my body must be giving off magnetic rays of some sort. First, the computers. Now the cell phone. I am lost without the cell phone! We all are!

I took the cell phone to AT&T. Had to wait 40 minutes for attention. They were short handed and busy. Fortunately, there was no problem. The guy rebooted the phone, for want of a better term, and it worked fine!

I was irritated I had to wait so long. I was irritated the phone went down. I was just plain irritated. Guess I was in a bad mood.

The cupbpoard was bare. Off to Publix.

I never shop on Sunday afternoons. Everyone in Key West does. Too busy. But I had no choice.

The days before Christmas and Thanksgiving are the worst times to shop. For obvious reasons. Yesterday was like that. Everyone was doing their holiday shopping at one time. No one knew how to drive their carts. Aisles blocked all over. Publix restockingf their shelves at the same time.

My irritation got worse. It was not my day! The only good thing about the grocery shopping spree was I ran into many friends. Even my dentist. I felt strange as he and I talked. He kept looking at my mouth.

Mike Yutzy was supposed to be in from Vegas. I was not sure he made it. We were scheduled for dinner last night with his girl friend, Don and Jenna.

Note, I could not telephone him. I had e mailed him earlier in the day with a where are you? No response. So I called Don off. Told Jenna we would go out alone.

At six last night as I was getting into the shower, Yutzy texted me. To the effect…..getting on a sunset dinner cruise…..let’s hook up for a drink later. My text response was text me when you get back.

That was it for my cell phone till this morning. Whether it was me or the phone , I am not sure. My text response to Yutzy never left my phone. The phone went into airplane mode. Which means my phone was off.

When I woke this morning, I could not understand why Yutzy never got back to me nor why no one had called me yet. I generally receive several good morning calls. I checked the cell phone and discovered the problem.

It will be back to AT&T today, assuming they are open.

Jenna and I had drinks at the Chart Room. The new bartender JJ working. Seems to be a nice guy.

Sean was there. We spent a lot of time chatting with him. Sean has success written all over him. I wish I could be here in 25 years to see where he ends up.

Sean hit me with Panamah Peat right away. The ash ceremony will take place in August. Peat’s ashes will be buried and sealed in the bar rail.

Sean was impressed with the internet info re Panamah Peat. I had written about Panamah in a blog in May 2009. The only present internet reference to him was mine of that date in a Key West Lou blog.

Being a holiday and being a bit frustrated over the happenings of the day, I decided to drink a bit. I had two at the Chart Room. Jenna and I then headed over to Hot Tin Roof for a light dinner. We enjoyed some terrific appetizers. I had one more drink.

As we were leaving, I said to Jenna…..I’m gone. I was tipsy. I could not beieve it. And only on three drinks.

I told her I would not drive. I doubt she would have let me. Jenna drove me home in the Volkswagen and then herself home.

When I woke this morning, all the lights in the house were still on, including two bedroom lights.

I feel fine this morning. Slept well. No hangover.

I cannot understand why the three drinks hit me as they did.

Fireworks tonight. Not sure from where and with who I shall watch them. I am invited to two parties. Then There is the huge community party at the Casa Marina, also. Lisa, Corey and the grandchildren will be watching from Higgs beach.

It is raining at this moment. Great! We need it. Unforunately, it does not look like it will last long.

It already ended.

I almost forgot. During the day, I received an e mail from a friend advising that the Facebook link to my blog was rejecting the transfer. A w was missing from the www. I had no cell phone service at the time. No one was home to receive my e mails as to what to do. Even at my age, I am not yet computer literate. It took me two hours to find someone to correct the problem. Why the problem even occurred I am not sure.

The w situation further contributed to my frustrating day. Somewhere along the day, I lost my Key West cum si, cum sa attitude.

It was a bad day at Black Rock!

Enjoy the holiday!

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  1. At least your dental woes seem to be over. So just look at the bright side of paradise, which is there whether you have cell phone access or not!

  2. "I cannot understand why the three drinks hit me as they did."

    Lou – you and I are both card carrying members of the Cardiac Club and our meds and alcohol often lead to some fun and adventures (so long as they don't conclude in an ER).

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