Where do I begin…..

Bocce playoffs yesterday. An experience.

Rather than keep you in mystery…..we lost both games. Each 16-0. WE DID NOT SCORE ONE POINT!

I have never been beaten 16-0, nor has my team. And to do it two games in a row!

Guess what? I did not care. My team mates did not care. We had a wonderful time. We arrived at  the playoffs with no expectations.

The team we played was from the monday night league. The monday night teams are purportedly the best. As a player becomes more proficient in one of the other leagues, he moves on to monday night.

The team we played came to the playoffs ranked #2 in their league. They were #2 instead of #1 simply becaue they had lost only 1 game all season. One game! Wow!

They were not only good, they were terrific! It was a pleasure playing opposite them!

We will be back! I suspect the  playoffs are like professional ball. You have to have been there a few times before you can win.

The atmosphere was outstanding. My home town of Utica, N.Y. has an anual Italian street feast. The feast of Saints Cosmo and Damien. They got killed, too. That is how they became saints.

Blue tents to protect the players from the sun. It was a brutal grueling sun. Humid. Sweat was the order of the day. Free food for all. Free drinks for all. The bocce league pays for it from our dues.

Everyone happy! Everyone festive! Even those who went down to defeat.

Next year! Ho, ho, ho! Watch out! We will be back! I guarantee it!

After bocce, I headed over to Don’s Place. My teammates were generally pissed, but in a jolly mood. Remember, rarely does a team get beat 16-0. We did it two times in a row with the whole world watching!

The sweat was still rolling off me. I left for home and my pool. My clothes were already coming off as I entered the house from the garage. I hit the deck where the pool sits bare ass. I jumped into the cool pool water in that fashion. The water was terrific! Refreshing! I lolled around with a noodle under my arms for a while till rejuvination set in.

I never went out the rest of the day or night. Beat I was!

Enjoy your sunday!

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