This weekend belongs to the women. Marches yesterday and today world wide.

The women marching assertive.  Don’t tread on me the message. Things are going to change.

I did not pick up on pussy hats last year. Did this year because a lady friend told me the other day she had to get a pussy hat. A pink one, hopefully with two ears. Knitted.

The knitting came into play while planning for the first march last year. Women knit! More than you think. I had another lady friend several years ago who owned a small knitting store on one of the less busy streets in Key West. The store was a gold mine. Especially when a cruise ship was in.

I googled pussy hats this morning. Featured was also a baseball cap. The wording on the cap: This Woman Grabs Back. Shades of Trump’s ill gotten words.

Pink because it is the female color. It speaks for itself re femininity and women’s rights.

Many women are attired in black this year. To voice their support for me too and opposition to sexual harassment.

Spent yesterday in bed. Still sore all over. Bruising becoming more evident by day. Slept on and off during the day. Was awake all night because of it. Thank God for television and old movies!

Bed today, also. The new adjustable bed helps me select the most comfortable/painless  position.

Words that reflecte what we were as a country for one hundred years are becoming meaningless. I refer to the Statue of Liberty…..Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.

There are those who only want the well educated to arrive at our shores. Those that can be of immediate value. My grandparents and mother were poor uneducated southern Italians. Not doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. Hard working laborers.

My mother at 13 worked 14 hours a day in a shoe factory in New York City. The men dug the sewer lines, prepared the streets for trolley car tracks, dug ditches, etc.

Their descendants became the doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs!

If only the intelligentsia are admitted, who is going to do the low paying dirty work?

The political bickering is bitter. Each side pointing the finger. Being an elected official has lost its luster. Congress for example is a battlefield. Corruption exists. Job satisfaction lacking. A job well done not part of the mix.

The unqualified will be elected. It is already happening. Nothing will get done.

Supposed to be warm today. Seventy five degrees. Good! I hate the cold.

My afternoon will be enjoyable. Watching two pro football games from bed.

When Bill Clinton was President he recognized how government had developed. He snidely remarked one time that “the purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people.”

This weekend belongs to the ladies. Two separate quotes by former Presidents re women. Presidents of the modern era. The quotes reflect the nature of the men.

Richard Nixon…..”I’m not for women, frankly, in any job. I don’t want any of them around. Thank God we don’t have any in the cabinet.”

Ronald Reagan…..”If it wasn’t for women, us men would still be walking around in skin suits carrying clubs.”

Enjoy your Sunday!






A busy last night.

First stop was Tavern ‘n Town. No room at the inn. There had been an outside wedding scheduled. The cold and wind moved it inside. Took up the entire new dining room.

Headed downtown to Hot Tin Roof. An excellent soup of shrimp and mussels. A light red sauce. Even better, dunking bread in the sauce at the end.

Hot Tin Roof filled up. No room. Tourists galore.

Restaurants and bars cannot complain things are tough. I have never seen so many tourists at any time in the past. It has been non-stop since Christmas week.

Then to La Te Da. First time in the new inside bar. Great music. A full house. Dance floor crowded.

I danced. Three times. The last time I danced was four years ago in Greece at an outdoor restaurant in the Playka. Danced Greek style with the locals. Threw a few plates afterwards.

I spent the afternoon researching this week’s KONK Life column. Yankee Doodle Dandy. The story behind it and what the words actually mean.

I have a bit more research and then the writing today.

Big pro football day! The AFC and NFC championship games. I would have enjoyed watching the New England/Denver game at 2. Column writing at the same time. I will listen to the TV audio while writing. Hopefully, I can still do two things at one time.

Syracuse plays Virginia at 7 tonight. Virginia a 9 point favorite. If Syracuse wins, it will be because of Boeheim. His hands on coaching in the final minutes.

Sounds of the Kelly McGillis flag football Classic can be heard. The ladies began coming in the past few days. Monday begins social activities and practice. The games begin friday. Sixty teams from all over the world.

Today is January 24. This morning’s Key West Citizen History Section makes mention of Sally Rand. The Citizen did the same thing on January 24 last year. I commented then. I comment now.

Sally Rand was a fan dancer. The fans moved erotically. She was before my time. By 1960, she was into semi-retirement.

I met her in 1964 at a cocktail party at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. A lady. We had a pleasant uninterrupted ten minute conversation.

Sally once a part time Key West resident. She owned the large lovely Victorian home at 916 Eisenhower Drive.

Enjoy your Sunday!



There are many things that come to mind when thinking of Key West. One are chickens. They are part and parcel of Key West life.

The roosters chase the hens. Interestingly, the hens generally run from the roosters. However, the hens at some point do get caught. Otherwise Key West would have chickens no more.

Gestation is a mere 29 days. The chicken population replenishes itself easily. All over town, you can see mother hens walking along followed by a line of baby chicks. Sometimes the line is long. Other times, not too many chicks.

Nature interferes. Nature keeps the chicken population under control, though those who do not like the free roaming chickens may not believe it. Animals and cars are enemies of baby chicks. Vultures and hawks, also.

Years ago, I was sitting outside at the old Paradise Cafe enjoying Cuban toast and coffee. Mother hen and several chicks were walking down the sidewalk in front of me. Suddenly, I heard a loud swosh. I looked up. There was either a vulture or hawk on the way up with two baby chicks in its clutches.

Mother hen and the baby chicks had run each and every way when the swosh was heard. They reassembled. Mother hen in front and the baby chicks in a straight line behind her and continued on their way. The straight line two chicks less.

No one seemed concerned. Neither mother hen nor the remaining baby chicks.

The preceding is merely the prelude to today’s story re baby chicks.

We live a different life in Key West. Our value systems a bit different.

Over the weekend, two baby chicks fell into a water drain in the parking lot at the Southernmost Complex. Police were called. I assume two or more police cars showed up.

The police were able to extricate the two chicks. They were frightened, cold and wet. Loving hands took them to warm.

In those few minutes, the rescue of the baby chicks was the most important thing in Key West. Key West responded accordingly.

The baby chicks in the drain are comparable to the up north situation of the kitten in a tree who cannot get down. Firemen are called in that instance.

Wrote this week’s KONK Life column yesterday afternoon. Sent it off to the paper. The article is titled Gertrude Bell…..Desert Queen. The female Lawrence of Arabia. An interesting story.

Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying revolutionized sex so many years ago. The  “zipless fuck” came into being. Or was identified. Whatever, a great book. Has sold something like 20 million copies world wide.

Jong has written a new book. Fear of Dying. Addresses women in their senior years. Covers everything, including sex.

Jong lives in New York City. She did have a home also in Key West for years. Whether she still does, I could not ascertain. I never met the lady. Much to my sorrow. I did see her at various social gatherings. Never went up and engaged her in conversation, however.

Fear of Dying will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow.

I am meeting Tom and Fran for drinks at Tavern ‘n Town tonight. I look forward to it. Not merely the meeting. I never got out yesterday.

Today will be busy. The anti-gravity treadmill followed by a manicure. Research for tomorrow night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Then a fun evening with Tom and Fran.

Enjoy your day!