Sex has been part and parcel of man’s existence since Adam and Eve. It has influenced decisions, made some happy, others unhappy. Whatever, sex in some form permeated yesterday’s society and continues to so today.

I am taking you on a trip back in time. Some of the stories will shock/revolt you. Some you will take in stride.

Julius Caesar was a known ladies’ man. Besides his wife, he had Cleopatra. He also had a mistress for twenty years in Rome. His mistress while he was married.

Recall “Et te, Brute.” Shakespeare’s words attributed to Caesar when he observed Brutus plunging a knife into him.

Most think the reason for Brutus turning on his friend Caesar was the good of Rome. There was more involved.

Caesar’s twenty year mistress was Servilia Caepionis. Brutus’ mother.

Caesar was very fond of Servilia. Over twenty years however, his love waned. To keep Caesar close, Servilia offered her youngest daughter Tertia to him. Caesar declined.

The worm turned. Servilia was upset that Caesar had abandoned her and refused the offer of her daughter. She had to get even.

Servilia became a driving force in the plot to assassinate Caesar. She convinced Brutus, who loved Caesar, that for the good of Rome, Caesar had to die. Servilia was  a woman scorned and in the end got her revenge.

Christopher Columbus is revered in history for having discovered America. He is always portrayed as a good man. He was not.

Columbus sold nine and ten year old girls into sexual slavery. Young girls from the New World. His own diary speaks of the sales. Columbus writes “…..there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.” In demand in the islands and back home in Europe.

Columbus also engaged in the slave trade. Immediately. In his own words “Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold.”

Spain’s King and Queen were happy. They benefited big time from the wealth and slaves Columbus transported to them.

Genocide was part of Columbus’ make up. The natives of the islands. Haiti for example went from 250,000 to 50,000 people during Columbus’ time.

Columbus’ crew would cut off the legs of children to determine how sharp their swords were. They also waged among themselves to see who could cut a live person in half the fastest.

Unfathomable cruelty during Columbus’ time. Death, rape and slavery.

The early colonists in the new world had zero tolerance for bestiality. A crime against nature not accepted under any circumstance.

There was a lot of bestiality.

The anti-bestiality basis was not a moral one necessarily. It had to do with the animal giving birth to a monster. The monster being a deformed fetus. It was feared the monster would become alive and be a danger to the populace.

Such went on in New England during the 1600s and 1700s.

Conviction of the man resulted in both the man and animal being burned at the stake. If a woman was involved, the woman and animal were hung from a gallows next to each other and burned. The time is described by historians as the “other” witch hunt.

Pigs were popular. Persons during that time thought a pig’s ass was as lovely as a human one. The man was in trouble if the pig delivered a deformed fetus thereafter. The monster thing. Sheep and donkeys were popular also.

Ben Franklin is described as one of the Fathers of our country. Historians say he may very well have been. Unmarried. His sexual prowess till the day he died put most men to shame.

Franklin in his earlier years especially liked older women. He would recommend them to his friends. His reasons included they were knowledgeable and therefore good conversationalist. There was no need for safe sex as the women had already experienced menopause. Older women were more grateful since they did not have sex that often. He also was of the opinion that the sin was less. Older women had already had sex and this lessened the Lord’s displeasure.

Franklin was a steady customer at the brothels. Almost nightly. He loved harlots. He was a member of a sex club. There was no Internet to meet people in those days. Sex was as popular then as now. They were “gentlemen’s clubs.”

Franklin’s club was the Brotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe. Popularly referred to as The Hellfire Club. The club met two times a month and for one week in the summer. The menu consisted of orgies, rituals, wrenching and drinking.

Franklin was a printer early in life. He is known to have had the largest collection of print porno-sets.

Even the Papacy was involved in debauchery. The Church was not always good. Popes sometimes bad.

Alexander VI was one of the bad ones. He was a Borgia. Corrupt. Loved women. He had a number of mistresses, some of whom he married. He fathered 12 children while Pope.

Alexander’s sexual exploits were open. Everyone knew. Everyone could see. He was a known pervert.. He even had sex with one of his daughters.

His best remembered sexual event was the Banquet of Chestnuts in 1501. Alexander invited fifty of the most beautiful prostitutes to a party. They were ordered to disrobe. Candles had been placed on the floor. The better to see. Chestnuts were strewn on the floor among the candles.

The naked ladies were required to pick up the chestnuts with their mouths. Alexander and his guests were rewarded with female charms exposed in every possible way.

Betsy Ross. She made the first American flag. Sorry. Such is doubted. Extremely so.

Betsy was not a seamstress. She was an upholsterer. She never met George Washington.

No one spoke of or knew of Betsy as the woman who purportedly sewed the first American flag till 1876. The U.S. hundred year Centennial was being planned. Someone somehow said Betsy Ross made the first flag. No one before had ever uttered such. Her name came up out of nowhere.

The Centennial was a huge success. Betsy’s popularity exploded. So much so that she is in the history books and has become part of the fabric of American history.

Betsy was helpful during the Revolution in a different fashion. Recall the Battle of Trenton. Washington crossing the Delaware in the dead of night and surprising the Hessian troops. A major American victory.

Betsy was partially responsible.

Colonel Carl von Donop was head of the Hessian forces. He was to lead reinforcements to Trenton. He and Betsy were in bed. The Colonel was having so much fun that he decided to spend the night and lead the troops to Trenton the next morning.

Had the reinforcements left when scheduled, they would have been at Trenton before Washington. Washington would probably have lost the battle.

Betsy had in her employ other young ladies. Upholsterers of sorts. Rather than dress, they undressed. They were prostitutes. Betsy was running a house of ill repute out of her store.

The ladies were a huge help to the Colonial cause. They bedded down with British and Hessian soldiers. When they picked up some information that might be helpful, they would report it to Betsy. Betsy in turn would see that the information got to Colonial troops.

There are many instances of sex intentionally or unintentionally playing a part in history. Why not. Sex is one of man’s greatest drives. The record is long. The few shared here evidence of such.


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