Oh, what a happy hour it was!

Yesterday at the Thai Island Restaurant. At the end of the Palm Ave. bridge on Garrison Bight. The last and only time I was there was a good 20 years ago. Upstairs in the restaurant portion.

An upstairs and downstairs. Only a bar downstairs. A dungeon. Old and decrepit. Clean, but run down. No air conditioning. Open windows and a fan or two. Perfect! Old Key West personified!

Met several new people. All Key Westers like me. Old in the sense of the years they have been a part of Key West.

One raised a subject with which I totally agreed. Those new to Key West have neither the understanding nor appreciation of what Key West was or is. Poor company to meet and be with.

I was with Steve and Cindy Thompson and their friend Ellen. No one is old Key West more than the Thompsons. They came to our island in the early 1970’s. Ellen is from Arizona. Met her for the first time. She and Cindy boat several times a week on Ellen’s 22 foot Maco. Steve and I were waiting for them in the Thai bar.

Seated next to me was Jordy. She with several friends. Her husband several stools away so I never got to chat with him. They have a home on United and another elsewhere on the island income producing. Been here some 15 years.

Names from this point forward escape me. Sorry.

Met a lovely lady who worked for Blue’s News for years. What a wonderful job that had to have been!

I have not seen Tonto for a couple of years. A bartender for many many years at La Te Da. Now retired. Did not run into Tonto. Did meet her sister and niece, however. Wonderful people! Asked them to remember me to Tonto and her partner.

My apologies if I missed someone.

The sushi! Outstanding! In this dump of dumps, great sushi!

Jordy had ordered a burger and fries. The burger a foot tall with everything on it. The fries had to be special hand cut. Big thick pieces. Salted just enough. I began picking on them without even asking Jordy’s permission. As good as the sushi.

I will return.

We must save that which is ours! The coral reefs. Unique to the Keys. The warm temperatures are killing them.

Yesterday, a group of 12 research divers embarked on a 10 day mission to visit several Iconic Reef sites in Keys waters. Their purpose to study the extent of recent coral bleaching from the hot sea temperatures and determine what can be done to remedy the problem.

Good show!

An example of how close German subs were to the U.S. in World War II. On this day in 1942, German submarine U-508 sunk the Santiago de Cuba and Manzanillo 15 miles south of Key West. The two ships were part of a convoy that sailed from Key West and were loaded with newly developed radio equipment destined for a base in the Caribbean.

There is a belief that evenings when there is a full moon affects the brains of some. Brings the crazies out.

Not to be believed. False.

I find its falsity to be amusing. One of my best friends while I was practicing law was a police lieutenant, Bob Mazza. Without fail, each month when it was time for a full moon he would mention, “The crazies will be out tonight.” He believed it and so did his Chief. Extra men were on duty those evenings. The next day Bobby would stop in and tell me what strange happenings occurred. Like the night a whacko threw an empty garbage pail off the roof of a 2 story building and hit Bobby in the head.

Christopher Columbus discovered America. We were taught such in early grammar school and no one ever contradicted it throughout the normal education process.

The truth is Columbus did not discover America. The first people were nomads who crossed the Bering Land Bridge thousands of years ago. The first Europeans to set foot in America were probably the Vikings led by Leif Erikson 500 years before 1492.

“Society” is like life, like the body. It decays gradually. One part at a time over a period of a generation or two.

One example is patriotism. A declining attribute in today’s society. Can America be saved? A Democrat victory in November 2024 will help, though not necessarily guarantee it.

Nutsy Marjorie Taylor Greene wants the U.S. to withdraw from NATO because “they are entirely beholden to Russia.”

So said she who is now considered number 2 in power in the House of Representatives.

It has to be something in the water! A local Scottish school district announced 17 sets of twins will be starting primary school next friday. Five year olds.

Not the largest number ever. In 2015, another school in the district had 19 sets of twins who entered primary school.

Clarence Thomas is a big time freeloader. Not just Harlan Crow’s fancy vacations. A new ProPublica report shows Thomas enjoyed at least 38 more luxury vacations. All from conservative benefactors. All while sitting on the Supreme Court.

None disclosed.

Ethics expert Don King says it best: “It’s just the height of hypocrisy to wear the robes and live the lifestyle of a billionaire.”

Enjoy your day!



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