Biden is doing a great job. Why do even many Democrats want him out?

I believe Biden has been one of our best Presidents.

Democrats are buying Republican bullshit. Republicans lie and repeat the lies. Too old, doing the worst job ever, etc. And Americans, including Democrats, begin believing it.

Wake up folks! Do you want an Adolph Hitler facsimile to be your next President?

Joe Manchin is playing with fire. He says there is “plenty of time” for him to launch a third party Presidential bid. Such could be detrimental for Joe Biden.

Manchin has always been a selfish-spoiler. He pushes coal and fossil fuels yet never responds to inquiries of the coal oil plant his son owns in West Virginia and from which he gets a cut of the profits each year. He also has played games politically since Biden became President because his one vote in the Senate was necessary to pass anything. He played the “game” well for his benefit and many times to the detriment of Biden and the American people.

Manchin has announced he is not running for reelection to his West Virginia Senate seat. The reason as everyone knows is because all indications are he is destined to lose. He is the sole major Democrat holding office in West Virginia which has gone solidly red.

Americans have a right to guns. How about to public peace and safety?

New House Speaker Johnson in an October broadcast interview expressed a discomfort with “queer youth.” Noting one in four students today were such, he said students today identify as “something other than straight.” He called this part of American culture “dark and depraved.” He claimed he was troubled that such American wickedness was inviting God’s wrath.

Anti-gay and forgetting there is supposed to be a separation between church and state in government.

The separation factor brings to light the flag Speaker Johnson has hung outside his office. Some liberals believe it represents Johnson’s Christian extremism. The flag is called the Pine Tree flag, better known as the “Appeal to Heaven” flag. Some say it “leads into a universe of right-wing religious extremism…..which in the past decade has come to symbolize a die-hard vision of hegemonically Christian America.”

Chris Christie predicts Trump will be a felon by the spring.

Grandson Robert Malcom has the lead article in Nole Gameday sports news re FSU. The article was published late yesterday afternoon: “North Carolina Head Coach Brent Dearmon Comments On The  Opportunity To Play Florida State.” In substance, Coach Dearmon wants his team to take advantage of the game and knock undefeated FSU off.

The article can be read at

Dinner last night at Salute’s with Steve and Cindy Thompson. I have not been to Salute’s in years. Food excellent. I enjoyed lasagna. The view of the beach spectacular. The food and view a winning combination.

Baseball cards continue to have a value. Only ten 1914 Babe Ruth Rookie baseball cards survive. One is going up for auction. Bidding starts at $2.5 billion.

Syracuse/Georgia Tech football tomorrow. Both teams 5-5. Favorite a toss-up. One sports writer has Georgia Tech winning by 1 point. Another Syracuse by 6.5 points.

The game at 8 pm on the ACC Network.

The Tourist Development Council investigation is in its beginning stages. Based on news reports, I question whether the non-criminal investigation is being properly handled. The criminal investigation by State Attorney Ward is proceeding on a more reliable route. A proper formal one. The TDC is investigating itself. Not the way to go. Independent outside investigators the way. The only way.

I have always been impressed by how the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District protects us in Key West from the disgusting buggers. We are basically free from the problem in Key West and outside close areas. To appreciate how good a job is being done, go north of Key West where the Control District is not available. Some days, a virtual “wall” of mosquitoes. 

To assist in its endeavors, the Control District announced it has acquired its third helicopter to support with its aerial spraying.

Thanksgiving travel this coming week. Weatherman advises a Thanksgiving storm which will deluge parts of the U.S. with heavy rain. Bringing with it travel chaos.

The rain is expected over central and eastern U.S. Road and air travel will be disrupted.

The storm has been described as “significant.”

Word is Tuberville now wants “out” of the 9 month dilemma he finds himself in. However, he can find no face saving way to go. He has backed himself into a corner. He is embarrassed. One public figure said, “He’s dug in so far…..he can’t see the top.” He has no graceful exit.

The man made his bed and is now forced to sleep in it.

Tough roll of the dice, Tuberville. Your “position” is about to boomerang against you. You called the shot and now must pay the penalty.

A manicure with Tammy at noon today. Followed by a visit with George at Zip Auto. Car needs some work.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou – you hit this square on the head “Democrats are buying Republican bullshet. Republicans lie and repeat the lies. Too old, doing the worst job ever, etc. And Americans, including Democrats, begin believing it.”

    Republicans are experts on how to reposition their oppositon to their own benefit and spend A LOT of time on that every election cycle.

    What they don’t do is spend ANY time on actually governing!

  2. Oh Lou, Salute IS one of THE best restaurants in All of the Keys, Kind of surprised you didn’t know that.

    But then I guess it’s not really the kind of place one goes to hang out and watch golf, is it?

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