…kitchen at one end. Tables covering the rest. Nothing fancy. Very basic, except again for the view and food.

It is a fish place. Very fresh fish. You are taken into the kitchen to select your own fish. Everything is explained including weight. everything is charged by the pound.

I had scorpion and boiled potatoes. A meal to die for!

Never had nor heard of Scorpion before. A fat red fish. Fire engine red. Big eyes. Ugly. The waiter told me it would be delicious. It was.

The boiled potatoes. Oh, so good! Sliced about 1/4 inch thick. Covered with oil and lemon.

Two appetizers before. Three gins for me. Two wines for my companion.

The bill was less than $50 American money. I was not charged for the three gins and two wines. The appetizers were on the house, also. The owner’s daughter came over to tell us of the house’s generosity and encourage us to return.

The Greeks are worried about the economy. Just as Key Westers were a few years ago. They are doing everything to be hospitable and encourage return business. Tourism is their only industry.

In the few days I have been here, I have noticed that everyone, tourists and locals alike, dress sloppy. More sloppy than Key West visitors. I am getting into it. Not a bad way to live. Not to worry about one’s appearance.

I have been asking around how the economic crisis is affecting business on Santorini. The response is the same from all. It is not, except for the German tourists. Two years ago, the German tourists were openly blaming the Greeks for the euro crisis. The Greeks on Santorini got fed up with their attitude. Told the Germans in effect to shove it. The Greeks here developed the same mental frame as the early Texans….Don’t thread on us!

The aforementioned situation resulted in a resurgence of World War II ill will. Apparently the Germans committed many atrocities while occupying Greece.

The two events have resulted in few, if any, German tourists. And the Greeks do not care!

There is something happening here. You can feel it. I refer to the economic/euro crisis. It is a tinderbox waiting to ignite.

There are two major problems in the world today. One is Iran. A military problem. The other the euro crisis which I fear might explode here in Greece. If it does, it will be like the volcano explosion 3,500 years ago.

I received bad news this morning. Jenna e-mailed me that Courtney Aman died. Courtney was my trainer. A good guy. A good liver. He was only 50ish. Muscle bound. Worked out, lifted weights, trained, ran, ate properly, did not smoke or drink. Shows you what good living will do for you.

I liked Courtney. We got along well. Attended a few parties together. He was a Key West fixture. He will be missed.

Enough for now. I am getting a manicure in 15 minutes.

What a life!

Enjoy your day!


2 comments on “DAY 9

  1. I,was very saddened; to learn of Courtney P. Aman’s death. But,unfortunately; I have a different perspective on him. I,was employed by Courtney; for a year. He promised me a room in the gym as part of my payment. I kept the place exceptionally clean, and provided the best service to his customers. I am currently seeking psychological counseling because of the mental and verbal abuse I endured from him on a daily basis. I was told he would break my fingers if i touched the radio when members asked me to change the station, nit picked at any little piece of dust he found in the gym. He was also a very homophobic person, and did not talk well of them when they were not around. A man named Sam Handel was stealing money out of his office at night, and tried to make it look like it was me. It was not. But that did not stop Courtney Aman from physically threatening me,and telling me that glass would fly in my face if I opened the office door. Even though, he knew I was not involved. Later in June of 2011, I was diagnosed with HIV/Aids and my health was not well. He had me sleeping in a shed outside the gym, because he kept renting the rooms that he had promised me. When it was discovered, he came into the outside patio, and went ballistic in front of the entire gym, because a nice girl he rented a room to had told me;that i could continue to sleep on the couch that was on her porch; because, she wasn’t living there yet. And, she knew that i was not feeling well and that I was getting infections from the bug bites from that shed, he had me living in. He publicly humiliated me in front of people that i worked hard to get respect, and put me in the streets. Until this day, I still have flashbacks of him threatening me, and verbally and mentally abusing me as well. I am so ashamed on how he publicly threw me out. I just want to know who this courtney is that everyone liked? I knew a different man. this one was on steroids, and sold them in the gym. a gentle giant my ass. I know deep down, Courtney thought i Queered the place up. He physically threatened me in front of the gym, because some other former employee named John, was bad mouthing him at the homeless shelter and he thought it was me. I never stayed there. I went home 3 days later back to Ohio. I’m very hurt that Courtney passed away, without seeing the good person that i was. I still wonder, what did, to deserve to get exploited for free labor, by someone that town liked. I want to know this person, too. I do however, want to make it clear that I am very sad that Courtney passed away. But I still have psychological scars from walking on eggshells inside that gym. I have been invited to go back there to visit. But; will not because i am embarrassed of the way he put me in the streets in front of that whole entire gym. And, I was not the only one he did that to. I did not learn of his issues until it was my turn to experience them. I, was a good person who did exceptional work for Courtney Aman. Why did he have to pass away without knowing that.

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