DAY 17

Goodbye Santorini!

Hello Mykonos!

I shall miss Santorini. I truly enjoyed it. I must return.

It was a big fast speed boat ride to Mykonos. About 250 people on board. Comfortable, large, air conditioned, food available, etc. Two and one half hours with three stops before reaching Mykonos.

Mykonos lovely. The same as Santorini. Except no cave homes.

I seem to be into God this trip. The flavor of Mykonos is such that I expect to see Jesus Christ walking around. The buildings, rocks and foliage produce, for me at least, that feeling.

The hotel so so. But very nice people running the place. Greeks seem generally nice. For example, I just arrived and I am sitting behind the admission desk using the personal computer of one of the employees. She became aware I needed one and offered it.

Something new.

You cannot put toilet paper in the toilet. It will plug the system. You must put it in the waste basket.


This was a problem for some in Santorini. But not where I was staying.

It is definitely going to be a problem here. Not just new, different.

The reason for no toilet paper down the toilet is twofold. I made an investigation.

First, the sewage system is ancient. Not back to Christ, but apparently not far removed. Old pipes. Small pipes diameter wise.

The second reason makes sense also. All sewage on the island goes into one huge receptacle. It is in effect a lake of the material. Once there, it is chemicalized, etc. Toilet paper screws up the process. Makes the sewage too thick to properly treat.

The toilet paper problem is something most of us did not know. I know I did not. Now we are all aware of it and why.

Tonight, I am going into downtown Mykonos. The back alleys and by ways. I need some serious drinking, music, and hell raising. Something not available on Santorini.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Do they have the bidets otherwise ubiquitous throughout Europe? That would lessen the need for TP in the can and make it somewhat less disgusting.

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