It rained during the night. Heavy! I had to run around the house closing windows.

This morning does not look good either. Dark. Overcast. The sun is up, but it is not coming through the clouds.

Wind is really blowing! At least 20 miles an hour! I have whitecaps in my pool!

Yesterday was magnificent weatherwise. Hot! 86. Penetrating heat!

I stayed in most of the day yesterday. I have company coming in today for a few days. So I had to tidy the house. A guy living alone tends to get a bit sloppy.

The big event of my day was not the housecleaning. It was the Syracuse-Louisville basketball game last night. Syracuse lost, but they went down valiantly! Tied at half, they finally lost by 11 points. As with the Brooklyn Dodgers of old, wait till next year!

My house guest is my friend Bob from Rochester. He is a major landscaper up there. His father was before him. He is now. And his son is in the process of taking over the business.

I met Bob about 2 years ago at the private Club 21 at the Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York. We hit it off immediately! He was an occasional Key West snowbird! So we had much in common. Since meeting, we have played here in Key West and in New York. We have become golfing buddies in New York in the summer months also.

I am excited he is coming. Watch out Key West!

Rats are back in the news. Remember those wood rats up in Key Largo that have been deemed an endangered species. The ones that the pythons want to eat. I guess we all take care of our own. Mickey Mouse is interested in them!

Walt Disney World has created a special show for the wood rats. Disney World is running a captive-breeding program for the wood rats in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Apparently it is estimated there are only about 200 wood rats left on Key Largo.

I saw a picture of a wood rat. Looked like a rat to me! Nothing special! A rat is a rat is a rat!

One of the Disney biologists described them as cute. I see nothing cute in the wood rats. Especially after my experience here in the house several months ago.

By the way, the Disney show is apparently funded by a program run by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. More wasted tax dollars!

Watch out! Pretty soon we will have a government sponsored program to save the pythons. The thought occurs that maybe they are working on breeding more wood rats to feed the pythons. Don’t think I’m crazy! Nothing suprises me anymore!

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