What a great day!

I was up early again this morning. So I drove to Paradise Cafe for breakfast and to read the morning papers. The sun was not yet up. And when I finished breakfast, it was still dark.

As I drove back home I saw the sun rise over the ocean! At first a bright orange ball. Then it changed to gold. What a magnificent sight! Again I thought how lucky I am to live here in Key West!

Yesterday was a 10 weatherise. The high was 83. The sky blue. And humid!

I decided to go to the beach. I have not done any beach time in quite awhile. I layed there a couple of hours and brought color back to my body. I also sipped a pina colada. All great for the soul!

Last night I had dinner with my dear friends Jackie and Roland Grimm at the Yacht Club. I love these two. Just wonderful people. We had a good dinner and an even better evening of conversation.

Back to the chicks.

While I was at Paradise Cafe this morning I spoke with the owner about what I had seen the day before with the hawks swooping down and carrying off two baby chicks. As it turns out, this is not an uncommon occurrence. He has observed it frequently. At least two times earlier this week. In fact he pointed out that there are only 3 chicks left. How sad!

Another problem for the chicks are other roosters. Apparently roosters are territorial. One of the chicks went out into the parking lot and was pecked to death by a rooster who claims the lot as his domain.

Nature can be cruel.

While I am at it, lets return to the cock fight I told you I saw the other day while stopped in my car at a street corner. Turns out it might not have been a cock fight! The Paradise Cafe owner told me he saw a hawk attack a rooster on another street corner!

Me thinks the hawks may be becoming a problem! From chicks to roosters and, who knows, perhaps humans next.You read it here first!

Have a good day! Beware of the hawks!

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