My day started yesterday by playing grandfather!

I took my 3 and 2 year old grandchildren to Paradise Cafe for breakfast. Cuban toast for all of us. Orange juice for them and coffee for me.

The true purpose of the trip was so they could see the new family of chickies. As you will recall, a rooster and hen live around or under the Paradise Cafe. They breed. And baby chicks arrive!

Beautiful to behold! So small! Two would fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The kids were excited! Ally chased them a bit. She also spilled her orange juice which then provided a bit of breakfast for the chicks. I hope they did not get sick!

I spent the rest of the day doing paper work again.

It was humid during the day. Living in Key West, one becomes familiar with the whys regarding the weather.

Let me tell you about the present humidity.

Warm weather comes up to the keys from the south over Cuba. It generally passes over the keys into the rest of Florida. However there is a cold spell coming down on the keys from the north. The cold from the north and the warm from the south are pushing against each other. This holds the warm weather in a static position over the keys for a bit. The warm air contains moisture. The moisture sitting in the warm air over the keys is reflected in the humidity we are feeling.

By late Saturday, the cold will be strong enough to push the warm air aside and the warmth and humidity will be gone. In fact, the temperature will drop at that time 20 plus degrees and we will experience a cold spell for a day or two somewhere in the mid to high 60s.

Aren’t you proud of me that I have learned so much by living here?

Last night I had dinner with my new found friend Lou Hernandez. Lou spent the holidays in Prague. I got a travelogue of Prague. We also discussed Amsterdam. Lou has visited Amsterdam many times. I never, though my deviate self has always wanted to go. Perhaps yet.

This morning I was up early so I went into town for breakfast and to read the morning papers at Paradise Cafe.

The chicks were all over the place. Like young children early in the morning. Full of vim and vigor!

All of a sudden there was this commotion! Screaming and screeching!

Two hawks had swooped down! They came abruptly and left swiftly!

And there were two chicks less.

Nature can be brutal!

This family of chickens reacted just as humans would in a similar situation. The chicks all scattered. Each to its own newly found nook and cranny for protection. After the hawks left, none of them moved. In fact, they were all so quiet and silent that I thought they were all dead. But, no.

Mother hen appeared. She went to each and every chick. And each in turn came out of its hiding place and lined up behind its mother. And they proceeded to walk ahead in single file, one behind the other.

The trustful protection and comfort of mother.

Life goes on!

Nature again.

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