I am up early this morning.

I have early appointments to finally get my new cap and then do blood work. Aging requires constant maintenance.

I stayed in all day yesterday. Caught up on paperwork that I had let slide. The longer I am in Key west, the lazier I become. It has to be the weather. Or perhaps the flavor of Key West. Nothing is that important.

Last night started at the Chart Room. I solved the world’s problems for a while with Che and Captain Peter. Sean was there, also.

I ran into Sean a couple of months ago for the first time when he moved to Key West. He is in his early 20s. A reporter with the local newspaper Keynoter. He is doing well as evidenced by the nickname he has acquired. Scoop!

Afterwards I had dinner at La Trattoria. Kathy was bartending. Love her! A personality!

Kathy is a transplant from Albany, New York. So we are sort of joined at the knee. Utica is only 90 miles away.

Beecha was her usual well annointed self. A beauty! Always good on the eyes!

Dave was seated next to me at the bar. He had arived in Key West only two hours earlier.

He was dressed in biker garb. Tough looking.

He rode his motorcycle down from Ulster County, New York. Quite a hike! He was staying a few days. No set time to leave. Then he was off to New Orleans, Texas and ultimately California.

Dave is a realtor. Business sucks back in Ulster County. So he decided to take this trip. He is recently divorced. So unencumbered by work or a mate, he is on the trip of a lifetime!

Dave last visited Key West 20 years ago. That was when I discovered Key West. We had an interesting dialogue about the changes time has brought.

I must hurry now to timely make my dentist and doctor appointments. Talk with you in the morning!

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