It is Sunday morning. I overslept. Good for body and soul!

Yesterday was a quiet one for me.

The weather was perfection! Low 80s. A warm sun. So I decided to lay by the pool for awhile. A long time since I had done it.

It turned out to be an experience!

Attire is simple in Key West. Whether male or female, every one dresses basically the same. Tee shirts and shorts. Complimented by crocs or flip flops.

Every one is tan! But only where it shows. Face, arms and legs. The body trunk–chest and back–is snow white. Makes sense since these parts are never exposed to the sun.

I lay by the pool for 2 hours. Fell asleep. No sun tan lotion on my chest and stomach.

When I awoke, I was bit red in those areas. I worried not. It would turn to tan. After all, I am of Mediterranean extraction.

Good luck!

By evening, my chest and stomach were flaming red! Burning!

The sensation kept me up most of the night.

The moral of the story for vistors and locals alike is don’t forget to use sun tan lotion on those body parts that rarely see the light of day!

The burn kept me home last night! Even a light sheet covering me was too much!

Enjoy your day! And be careful in the sun!

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