Interesting day yesterday!

I baby sat all day!

Lisa called in the morning. Ally had a cough and temperature. Her usual sitter was sick. Could I help? Of course!

I was thrilled she wanted me. Only the third time! Lisa says my attention span is lacking. So she had to be desperate to ask me.

I was with Ally from 8 to 4.

The first hour went slow. The next 7 flew.

We were together constantly. We played, read books (to each other), drew, played games, talked, went outside a bit, made believe and I don’t know what else. Ally was happy! I was happy!

I cooked her lunch. She wanted scrambled eggs. I made them. Cut up a hot dog and mixed it in. A turkey hot dog!

Ally told me she was reluctant to eat the eggs with hot dog in it. Her mother did not make it that way! I saw a problem brewing. So I told her about my Mother and how she made me eggs that way. It worked! We buried every thing in ketchup and Ally ate it all. Not to appear remiss, I also gave her a glass of milk and a slice of unbuttered toasted whole wheat bread. Then we each had one chocolate chip cookie for dessert. We dunked the cookies in the milk.

Ally kept testing me however. Her mother never gave her milk with lunch, she said. Only water. So I had to get into a litany that this was Poppa’s lunch for her and I was a milk guy. It worked!

Her health seemed to improve as the day wore on.

I put in an 8 hour day. When I left and sat in my car, I realized I was exhausted! Tired!!!!!!

Hard work watching a child. Constant. But fun! I can’t wait to do it again.

I even taught Ally something. She was having trouble hanging the towel on the bar in the bathroom. She is tiny and has to reach up to do it. No sweat! We ran through it a few times and she had it down! She will forever remember me for that experience!

Even though I was tired, I went out last night. Marty called. He is back in town. I met him at the Chart Room. We had a couple of drinks and left for dinner at La Trattoria.

Kathy was bartending. Always a pleasure to see! Beecha hosting. No question, always a pleasure to see! Many locals at the bar. We had a good meal and a good time!

Good news! I mentioned that Terri had gone to New York last week to audition for the Broadway revival of Finian’s Rainbow. She received the call yesterday. She got the job! Congrats Terri!

Lisa called. I may have to fill in today also. Depends on the health of her sitter. I am waiting for the next call.

I am ready! I am experienced!

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