Ah, it is Sunday again!

My favorite day! God’s day of rest! My day of rest!

Newspapers galore to read, Meet the Press, visit Lisa and the grandkids. What could be better!

I complained of the cold yesterday morning. When I went to lunch at Hogfish, I wore a sweatshirt. I had to remove it before I even ordered. It was warm!

It all has to do with breaking the wind. My home faces the north and open water. The wind and chill comes from the north. However once I am in town, the buildings and trees break the wind. Ergo, it stays warm The cold is blocked.

Last night friends Donna and Terri took me to dinner. At La Trattoria.

Terri had just returned from a few days in New York. Finian’s Rainbow is being revived. She was asked to audition for it. Not a mass audition. A specially scheduled one. Arrive, do your thing and leave. She will know soon if she got the part.

Terri is an awesome singer and performer! She is no stranger to Broadway, having appeared in several musicals. In fact, she received a Tony nomination and Oby award. Impressive! But more impressive is to hear her sing! A wow!

We talked of Finian’s Rainbow.

The musical opened on Broadway in 1947. An immediate hit! Why not! Look at some of the songs that came out of it. Look to the Rainbow, How Are Things in Glocca Morra, Old Devil Moon and If This Isn’t Love. A movie version was made in 1968 starring Fred Astaire.

Good luck Terri! Hope you get the part!

I visited with grandchildren Robert and Ally yesterday for a couple of hours. They recently acquired the Wizard of Oz CD. It is on contstantly! Whether they are watching or not! It is becoming a little too much. When I leave the tunes keep running through my head. Even now, the next morning, it is so. Every thing is…..I’m off to see the Wizard…..and Yellow Brick Road!

My head hurts!

Have a good day!

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