Bocci last night!

The team did well. I did poorly! It had to happen. I have been playing well and finally hit the inevitable slump last night.

I played the first game. We lost 16-2. Bad!

I benched myself. Did not play the rest of the evening.

The team won the next two games. So, overall we did good. No thanks to me. However I did make an excellent cheerleader during those two games!

Yesterday morning was haircut time with Lori. I am proud of her! She opened her own beauty shop about 4 months ago. Calls it Blown Away. It is on Southard just off Duval.

She started with one chair. Her! Yesterday the place was bustling. Four chairs going and a manicurist besides! People waiting!

Good for Lori!

Afterwards I had lunch outside at Paradise Cafe. Mother hen was walking around followed by her chickies. Very tiny chickies. Apparently the rooster caught up with the hen!

Over the past 10 years, every thought has been given as to how to rid Key West of chickens. There are thousands here! Government provided money. Catchers were hired. Nothing worked. Now there is no talk about how to rid Key West of them. The chickens won!

Dolphins come to mind. Such beautiful creatures. Graceful!

I am fortunate that once or twice a week in the early morning I can see anywhere from 1 to 5 dolphins swimming/leaping past my dock. Always a thrill!

The Key West Yacht club has a series of canals housing boats around its property. A dolphin found his way into a canal and could not find his way out. This apparaently is dangerous for dolphins. They need the companionship of other dolphins and the open sea to survive.

The solitary dolphin was around for 10 days. Not good!

There is a dolphin rescue group up the keys. They were called in.

It took several hours to rescue the dolphin. The dolphin had to be manuevered from one canal to another until it was finally netted.

The dolphin was sick. It was taken to the recue group’s property and treated. Fed intraveniously for a time and then taken to the outer sea to join its companions.

Fed intraveniously! Wild! Interesting! More importantly, caring!

The weather has finally turned. It is springtime in the keys!

Low 80s by day. A warm sun. Just a bit cool in the evenings. High 60s.

I noticed the past 2 days that you can actually smell and taste Spring in the air. Just like up north!

Enjoy your day!

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