A long day yesterday.

My day started with an early morning appoinment to visit the dentist. I see Dr. Eaton here in Key West. A nice guy. Competent and knowledgable. Most importantly, concerned.

My cap was to be ready. It was. However it did not look right. Not dark enough. So the metal underside darkened it. The cap is going back to the lab for correction. I am continuing for an additional two weeks with a temporary cap.

Dr. Eaton could have put the cap on and sent me on my way. But he knew the shading was not correct. That is what I mean by concerned.

This is medical week. Today I see a dermatologist. I have this thing growing on my knee which has to come off. It’s amazing! The older one gets, the more things that grow out on the body. We become a veritable jungle!

Last night was quiet.

I had dinner alone at the bar at La Trattoria. Then I went over to the Wine Galley to hear Larry. Ran into Marty and Mick. Had a drink with them. Then it was home to bed. All this accomplished before 10!

This dermatologist thing today is screwing up golf. Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. I have to miss. This was the only appointment available, unless I wanted to wait a couple of months.

I should have been a doctor!

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