Lunch yesterday at Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast with hot melted cheese and tomato. So delicious!

It has warmed up so I ate outside. The chickens are back. Or maybe they never left. It has been too cold to eat outside recently so I had no opportunity to see them.

The rooster was chasing the hen. She was having none of him. He wanted it and she did not. Life changes not, regardless of the breed!

My evening started at the Chart Room. Marty is back. I had a couple of drinks with Marty and Captain Peter. Good people!

Then I met Donna and Terri for dinner. They had invited me out. I was to be their guest.

We had dinner at Pepe’s. Outside. A wee bit chilly. I was wearing shorts.

Pepe’s is reputed to be the oldest restaurant in Key West. The claim is that pirates used to plan their raids from there in the 1700s. The keys and Carribean to the south were a hot bed for pirate activitites back then. The Spanish and English frigates did not stand a chance. That is why there is still a ton of undiscovered gold sitting on the ocean floor off Key West.

Kelly McGillis was back in town this past weekend. Remember her? Tom Cruise’s lovely co-star in Top Gun. And then she starred with Harrison Ford in Witness.

Kelly lived in Key West for a number of years. She and her then husband owned three Key West restaurants at one time. Her former husband still owns and operates Kelly’s. Kelly now lives on a farm some where in Pennsylvania.

Several years ago, Lisa was Development Director at the Custom House. She put on a black tie fund raiser at the museum.

Seating got screwed up. Howard Livingston and his wife were to have been seated at my table. They got stuck at the table next to mine. Seated next to Howard was Kelly McGillis. Howard was still an industrialist at the time. A then star and a star to be. Who knew!

I never got to play golf yesterday. I could not make it in time. Too bad because the weather was perfect for it. Tomorrow is golf day for me now.

The sun is up. Though it is a bit cloudy and gray. A good day in the making

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