A very nice evening last night!

I decided around 5 to go over to the Gardens to hear Skipper on the drums and who ever else was playing. I am glad I went.

As I entered the Gardens, I spotted June and Bill Hudson at a table up front. And with an empty chair! So I joined them. Good music and good company. What more can a person ask for?

This Sunday night Gardens event amazes me. Kate Miano had a great idea in starting it. There had to be over 300 people there last night.

Afterwards, I had a light dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. Busy! Amazing that it was so busy on a Sunday evening.

After coffee and cookies, the decision was home or the Wine Galley. I opted for the Wine Galley and Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase.

Talk about a lot of people! The Wine Galley was packed also!

Larry’s featured performer was unique. An octarian. Sylvia Shelley. 88 years young! Celebrating her 88th birthday last night!

What a woman!

A Key Wester for years apparently. She told us she was born in 1921. Was here during World War II when Key West was a huge naval base.

She told stories. Sang many songs of her own composition she had written about the times. With an occasional touch of spice. She knew how to describe things. Her sporadic off color comments were humorous.

A great evening! Honoring a great person! Larry, you did a wonderful job in selecting and featuring Sylvia last night!

I am sitting here this morning weighing whether to move my ass and play golf. Monday is not my usual golf day. However I have an urge to play today. Means I have to move fast though. My buddies tee off earlier on Monday.

We shall see!

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  1. I am researching Sylvia Shelley and this is the only information I have been able to find. can you help me with more about her, her life in Key west and anything else you may have. Thank you, Debbie

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